Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Wish Has No Name -The Nine of Cups


Yes, I had to reference a current Fantasy televised series for the today's title, the title was just so fitting (read that part in likeness of William Carlos William's This is Just to Say)

 +This piece starts off with a bit of a personal note, but only as what lead me to write this post. Trauma briefly mentioned from ** to **

I have relayed part of my finding Tarot tale in groups before, but never here. Here is as they say, the "All Of It"

When I was 16, I found and bought a Tarot deck, having no clue what it was or why I wanted it, just that I had to have it. My mother found them within a day, and they were quickly evacuated back to the depths she feared they came presumably.
I left home ten days after graduating High School, moving three states away, so that I would not be subject to living under totalitarian rules. My first thought was not to run out and buy another deck, don't get ahead of the tale.

**I didn't think of Tarot again until "something happened". See, the bad part of suddenly leaving all you have ever known and forging ahead with no support system, is that you have no reinforcements should something upsetting and unforeseen transpire.

Why did I choose to go to a Psychic that day? First, I was so young, and maybe I really did want someone to read my mind. She didn't ask me my question, so I never had to say it out loud. Both a blessing and a curse.
As a complete rookie, I had gone to her house door, not her office, which had already seemed to annoy her. She probably saw a naive nineteen year old, and presumed it was a "How do they feel about me?" type inquiry.
I remember little about her, or her office. I know she laid out at least 40+ of those "Tarot" cards.
She must have talked 30 minutes straight- I don't remember any of it,  as she spoke in terms I did not know (Emperor? In a tiny southern town in the US? What, was she channeling my past lives?) When she rested from speaking she asked if I had any questions. I did. 

The one I came in with.

In all fairness to her, she probably had answered it, I just wasn't able to hear the message in terms I understood.
Her reply (Finally! Sorry for dragging this out) was- "Here". She pointed. "The Wish card. It's Reversed." (It was the 9 of cups). Interestingly, the only card I really remember seeing now. 
And that was it. End of the reading.

I was lost to say the least. These cards were telling this woman things, but wishes really weren't part of the deal. Or was it? I wished to not be going through that. Reality is not wishing.**

Made my way to the mall and bought a pack of Tarot cards like hers, in bright yellow box, and Eden Gray's Book "The Complete Guide To Tarot". Those cards could talk, and I needed to do so very much. My cards have been a trusted confident ever since.

+Personal issues over+

Which is where I get to the more 'typical' post from me, which would be, do we want wishes, or do we want something real?

Not a new concept, though one that is easily overlooked as "obvious" therefore rarely looked into, is defining what you want and then  WRITING IT DOWN. Making it a GOAL, not a wish, Because wishes really are kind of formless; they waft around at our amusement. 

Incorporating a wish into reality requires a little more than just having one. This may be where the idea of "Beware of what you wish for, as the cost may be too great" comes from. The cost, which is not posted on the menu. And nothing about the service you will receive or if there are refunds given. Dreaming is free, and really I'm not one for hassles. A good challenge, yes, but so far all it's just sounding like there's more to this gig. Someone out there has just made a snarky mental comment, and I was ready for you. "What about when you think about something, and then it happens?" If that comment was you, you owe me. Paypal, gift cards, or T shirts as currency. Kidding aside, directed concentration is an effort- particularly one that forces you to stop dreaming- you must give it structure- bring it out of the "void."   

Nine is a third set of three, the number of creation. Here, we have created plenty of wishes and dreams in which to choose from. We don't even have to choose- how many of us are happy to go back to the eight of cups and stay on the search elsewhere? Be it in another town, dream or even person.
To me, the figure in the RWS 9 of cups sits, and smiles in what appears to be a comfortable cat bird seat fashion. "Which of these wishes to fill that space in me today, that I may be happy?" One is invited to ask themselves. Could they have had the proverbial genie who granted three wishes, and thought a complete set better? Maybe the figure is that genie, offering you all that you ever wished for, and you can have just one, "Choose wisely." (Really? Did I just place a movie reference in there? Write a blog and you could too)
Whether physically 'in the cups' or even "floating on cloud nine", there is this temptation trying to keep us from the ten, the place where the dream is made manifest.
For many people, there is no connection to external elements for us until we identify them. 
Annie Sullivan was someone to Helen Keller who was there to frustrate her, until she discovered there was a correlation to Annie's hand signals, and that of the world around her. We can see, and love all animals, but once we give them a name, do they not seem to mean a little more personal to us?

Would not the same hold true for your desires? Not just "Success", which looks different probably to every person that reads this, but "X specific scenario, in which X happens, with X result"
SciFi writer Octavia Butler (1947-2006) is a wonderful demonstration of defining one's ambition, and going forth to achieve it. (She's a multiple Hugo and Nebula award winner!)
Ever since someone posted this picture of her notebook, I have been in love with the rawness, the scribbled out part, the additions. She didn't get another page to write it on-she kept going forward-it was no longer a wish, she made a designation. Her pen as a wand, her will projecting a change, she transformed wish to magick. Read this talisman of success she set out with -and then fulfilled!

Olivia Butler's Notebook

Have you ever thought about a dream that you just want to preserve as is? I can't be the only one. One that doesn't age, even though you will. There is a part of me that longs for things I know I could make happen, and then, I stop. I do not take action to manifest it on this plane. Why? Probably many reasons. Could be that I would have to make uncomfortable changes. Which seems more like work, and wishes coming true are lovely and so effortless in my heart. 

Could be, that, once I have it, I will want more? 
Not that that is bad, what if this card's figure is showing off their Awards (name an achievement) collection? It was not just wishing that brought that about! 
Like attracts like. Dreams lead to more dreams. Actions lead to goals, and there is always another goal. The gold at the end of the rainbow, the Ten of cups, when you actually are fulfilled with happiness, not just working towards it. 

On that note, the Ten of cups in the RWS deck, is noted as a "stage" card, presented as if on stage in theater. That's what living the dream is; bringing it to reality, an outward showing of what was once of nothingness. it becomes tangible. 
And what of another possibility, what if you drop the goblet you have chosen? Well, the cups are in a line, what if it is process of elimination? Finding what you don't want, to get to what you do. What ifs are more dreams, they can stow under that table if need be.

In a reading, one visits the figure at this 'wishing card' table, often with the hope that a cups in the form of what is wanted will be handed to them. The card reader's job is to interpret the cards as they are now, perhaps even guiding the approach to ask for what we want from the figure who appears to be in charge of the display. Is there leeway to haggle?

Perhaps the figure in the card smiles because they know what you will have to go through. Maybe the arms are crossed in the RWS version out of impatience. "How long will you keep it all inside?", the tone may be implying. And what of you, will you just consider this time, or leave it on the table?

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Behind You In The Light, A Shadow- The Sun

©Tarot of the Witches

This card's seeming cheesy grin, just screams "Look at me!"

The Sun, both as planet and Tarot card, is usually a good thing. A great thing. I am always happy to greet The Sun. For those that read cards with reversals, we are still told The Sun's meaning really can't be dimmed much. And what did Mae West say about too much of a good thing? "That it can be wonderful."

Let's look at the internet- overall, I am going to say it's been a good thing for people.
Tarot? Well, great thing (obviously) 
Getting people together on the internet to talk about Tarot = a good great thing? Or a great thing when it's good?

Tarotama (Noun: Tear-ah-ma) Drama in Online Tarot Groups, typified by one's seeking the center of attention by making everything personal.

(This post was started in Leo season, where it was more apropos, but was sidelined with unavoidable issues offline)

How is it that small communities who are misunderstood and maligned already, asking for acceptance, be so unbelievably derisive and judgemental?
Even more so, when it is brought to light, why must we endure four feature length acts of the production? 

If you feel that comment is about you, then it probably is.

That's how you want it anyway.

Here's how it tends to go:
If I do not to like Tarot decks with Gothic tones, and in a thread of comments on decks we don't like I say such. My thoughts are that they are art, like comic books. Then someone who has a Gothic deck cries they were called childish by some uninformed vicious online troll. Never mind I love comic books, and think they are not to be played with. 
No, pretty sure just like their Tarot mind, there was only one interpretation of that statement.

There is also the fact that if you ask a question in a group, and it is not answered immediately, the place you posted it in, is stupid. Nothing to do with algorithms of posts being seen, world time zones, or anything of the sort. Harsh is the world for those that have a question a search engine can handle, but only waits for someone to do it for them. 
And of course, please make sure to leave the group in the fashion of announcing that you are going, that'll show us.

Let's apply some real light and heat, for sanitation.
Watch a spread interpretation in groups online.
"Is this what is happening?" The poster inquires, and one answer is now at least three different ones. 
"Yes until No."
"No until Yes."

All of us reading the same card for the one question.

"And they are cheating on you"
-Group Mod interrupts- "Our policies don't allow for talk of possible cheating"
"What? My question was about going to Ohio to adopt a purebred dog"
"You'll go because of cheating, I'm psychic and clairvoyant" (also rude) 
Is there anything like credentials to make us "more right" in our opinions? Not facts, opinions. Gravity is provable. Until the future happens, it is not.
-Group Mod -" You've been warned, and are free to go"
"How have I been singled out and picked upon?"

Now that scenario above is the stickiest of wickets. I see more online Tarotama over the regulation of ethics and morals in the Tarot groups.
Should there be regulations for the whole community? Who gets to decide what is entailed in that? There are those who will say some quandaries aren't even okay privately let alone professionally. Others purport certain ethics only for readers who don't read predicatively.

Some Tarotists (I would read this as terrortists in this context) feel their jurisdiction covers the entire Tarot world, even other people's blogs. Funny, those who are so worried about rights being infringed upon never seem to mind crossing those lines when it suits them.
Case in point I have not been too much more disappointed in the community recently then in how Benebell Wen was treated over her three part series on ethics.
(edited as not to drag that nonsense back up, but you know who you are if you were attacking her) 

It is true that the Sun's light is what allows us to see shade (for those who are not slang savvy, this is a double entendre- (Merriam-Webster defines "shade" as "subtle, sneering expression of contempt for or disgust with someone—sometimes verbal, and sometimes not") 
To me there is a certain irony in that many attacks come under the guise of the phrase "With Love and Light", a phrase originally meant a blessing, for higher good. Often it is just a way of steamrolling dogma over someone. More light, as if going back in the sun after I am already burned to blister, is what's needed. That empathy is magnanimous.

Many groups have guidelines about their stance on ethic policies as meets their standards. That should stop the Tarotama, right? You must be new here.
No, now there must be drama as to how the topic of ethics is unethical, as it seeks to work around itself. And oh to watch the debates. You'll need a bigger container for the popcorn, it's polite to bring enough for everyone.
And that may escalate to announcing how awful the group is, and that one is leaving. It's circular, as is the Sun.

Are you exhausted from that? You've probably been overexposed. You should hydrate, cool off and find some kitten videos, whom the internet is REALLY all about anyway. 
Ben Torode© 

++For the record, unless otherwise noted, examples in this piece are made up, and do not represent any real online discussion in particular- just being, well, dramatic.


Monday, July 24, 2017

The Three of Swords As Seen In Social Media

Even pre internet- this poor cake all but being left out in the rain!*

©Housewives Tarot

* Song reference  MacArthur Park

The Three of Swords is one of those cards  that gets Major Arcana attention for a pip card. Even with the Ten of Swords being the absolute end, the three seems to register higher on the Richter Scale of emotions. Why? For the purpose of this blog piece, group mentality.

Everyone is celebrating in the three of cups- there are friends, there is dancing, all is well. Except for when it feels like it isn't- the threesome turns inverse, into the three of swords.
Then traditional "heartbreak, sorrow" meanings of the card fall. For me it's worth noting that in most illustrated pips of the card, the heart is the emotional one, not the anatomical one. 

The swords cut into the emotions- more accurately, the ego. For the root of disappointment lies in having expectation.

Before the internet, there was school,work, group functions, parties of all kinds where group mind  got it's gossip or side taking on. Now, there is the internet. Correction- now there is social media. 

Social media is the brunt and the blessing. One can make new friends from all over the world, and even find groups for topics that may not have local interest. The Tarot community is a blessing for those of us with no family or friend support for our interest.
And just as social media giveth, it taketh away. Not all Tarot readers read the same. Most can agree to disagree, and keep their 'followers' or 'friends'.

'Friend' on social media can be a misnomer. Just as credit cards are not real money being spent in some people's minds, friends on social media may not have real value for some folks; if that meets one who places intrinsic value on all relationships, the three of swords moments are all but inevitable.

The worst is the perceived slight. Often equal in heartbreak to the public one. They can occur in tandem.
Like our Meme, someone posts their opinion, in a group, blog piece, no matter, a medium that is read in the voice of the reader, which may not be the inflection of the writer. Or maybe it is. For Tarot purposes, let's say someone says Tarot is for fortune telling- now there is a hotbed topic. Someone else interjects that it is tool for self exploration. There is a blog piece written, in which the Pro Fortune Telling person tells of being chastised by others who think it is only for self introspection. Is it a direct stab from that one interaction? Maybe. And probably is to a person who said that in social media the poster at some point. But what if the person was already writing the piece, and it just happened to drop within a short amount of time where the offended party found it? 

Goodness, that third sword, I dub thee public opinion!

When words are taken as a thinly veiled jab, sides get chosen. Those who are in the middle have the daunting task of not choosing a side, though some will go ahead and choose for you. I have seen people unfriend each other over these real or imagined betrayals. It can easily become a  scenario when it's directed as a gang threat against one;  That's a shame, since without a difference of opinion, without some diversity, there can be no personal growth. 

I'm not advocating allowing jerks in your social circle, rather asking if a "some people" post is actually directed at you- as in your name attached. Or in your comments.
It's not always about us. The three's all lead back to the Empress, and she is not perfect- she can in fact be a bit of a diva if in excess. Three is creation, and not all of them are wonderful for everyone.

An idea is initiated; it sprouts; it bears fruition- the premise of creation.

The Ace of swords is the word, the idea, the blog post, the comment (Id)
The Two of swords is when you are trying not to take sides (SuperEgo)
The Three of Swords is when you make a decision, better or worse, and then having to live with it. No critic so harsh as our own conscience. (Ego)

All that psycho-pomp jargon in parenthesis above is my interpretation of the psychology, yours may differ- if you'd to post yours on social media, people can bring a cake knife and have a slice of each:)

+For the record, this post is from May; I ended up posting the one on Fives instead

Thursday, July 13, 2017

July Blogletter

My homage to au courant Tarot goodness in the webs, and I'll try to introduce some folks that aren't in the top SEO picks

In the News(letters) Goodness, with Summertime, folks are traveling! See how the  The Tarot Lady Theresa Reed packs accordingly for Tarot action
The Tarot School has started back with Newsletters after a hiatus. Here is the one for July.

Great Expectations (Check these events out!)
Tarot Summer School is in Session! 15 classes, buy one or a season pass! Includes great presenters such as Christiana Gaudet, Jessi Huntenburg, Vix, Carrie Mallon and Benebell Wen!

Up For Review:
I have fallen behind in my reviews- they are coming, I promise.
Hints: Michelle Tea's 'Modern Tarot' - Get it.
'Tarot Court Cards For Beginners'  A nice book to learn the court cards  with.
From the way back files: Nancy Shavick's "The Tarot Reader" is long OOP. If you can find a copy, it's a wonderful read.

Let's not be Blog-livious: small blogs, big content
I have been blown away this past month with blog greatness! Get ready for some marathon reading!

-One of the most incredible things this month was the first ever International Tarot Day, July 8, 2017 (7-8!) You must check out the inspired ITD-Blog Hop 60+ Tarot Bloggers given card(s) to represent any way they chose! 
Begin with event's coordintator Bree Ferguson of Nym's Divination for The Magician! Each page has your option to scroll thru the next in the series...Oh yeah, maybe you might know the poster for the Knight of Wands :-)

78 posts not enough for you? Wait, there's more!
-Maddy Elruna has two posts I want to feature: Learning By My Mistakes  and Five Reasons NOT To Go Pro

Time for some hard hitting posts: Guaranteed Tarot Blogging Meat
- Christiana Gaudet's When Compassion Makes You Crazy is not an easy read, but if you go or are pro, it's a necessary one.

-Ivan Ambrose of Tarot Prose tackles an all too real subject in the must read Tarot Tough Topics: Racism 
And, he offers how we, as a community, need to start doing better. But really, this goes so far beyond Tarot. Just share it everywhere.

Who decides the rights of prisoners? The Sibyl's Tarot talks about Paul Haigh, A Serial Killer Who Wants Tarot Cards In Jail 
What do you think?

- Now to feature a workshop aimed to help with being overwhelmed Tarot For Troubled Times is a two part workshop from Theresa Reed and Shaheen Miro, which includes "exploring and healing the shadow side, both personally and in the collective conscious." to help us thru our daily dose of the news, intemperance of  global continuity, financial woes, and fears about the future. Per Theresa "Now, more than ever, the world needs us to be brave, united, and ready to take action."

In other blogs.....
-Maelstrom Tarot keeps posting great content, this time, The Elemental Roulette 

- Asali Earthwork posts about Ideas For Your 'Tune Out/Turn Down' Sort Of Days

-Thistle Tarot offers An Actor's Character Reading

-Tarot and Tomfoolery (I love this name!) knows "You Can't Handle The Truth!"

-I love new techniques. Mirrors of Consciousness takes another view of Yes or No Questions 

-Need help with choices? Healing Effects Tarot gives you Tough Choices Got You Stuck? Tarot To The Rescue!

-Owl In The Oak Tarot continues her self care in the minor arcana series with the swords Light As A Feather 

-Cosmic Faery's Journal spends some time on Mindful Moment- The Magic Of Doing Nothing 

-Fate Keeps On Happening is Readings By Stella's Only Post On Ethics- maybe you feel the same

-One of the best compliments for Jenna Matlin of Queen of Wands Blog is "But I Already Knew That!" Find out why 

Specialty Tarotists
I am in several online Tarot Forums, reading groups, most things Tarot. Consistently, most readers refuse to offer readings for two topics (there are more, but for these two I have help)
When someone says something is their favorite to read on, I pay attention! And then give a little inquiry.

Timing: When is it going to happen? Let's face it, time can be difficult to determine; most often we are left to generalize. Lisa Allen of Intuitive Timing to the scene- Timing is her specialty. Now, she uses methodology of the Pendulum, Tarot, and/or Astrology in a session, but states that Intuitive Timing (especially with pendulum) can be as precise as the hour! I have not tried any of her services*, but I have chatted with her, and think it's always good to offer a referral for the problems you can't handle. * Actually, it was Lisa's help that was correct on the timing of April the Giraffe's Baby

Pregnancy: Most readers will not work with this topic, and certainly it can be an emotional one. Spiritual Conception is the services of one Psychic MBE, not a doctor, whose aim is "Supporting Women Through Conception,Pregnancy, and Birth©"  Free Consultation is offered.  Insight is offered for help conceiving, carrying and after care, with many packages available, and testimonial pictures of new family members helped by their work! This is not a service I can any longer utilize, but I do recommend at least giving the page a look over, and seeing if you many wish to hold onto it for a future referral.

Up On Deck:
The Queer Street Community Deck 
has reached $500 in funding! Have you heard of it? 
A set of three tarot decks that can be interchanged to create your own unique deck. Deck is based around human sexuality. How cool is this? Get in on it.

The Dust ll Onyx : A Melanated Deck  from Courtney Alexander, is one step closer to being in our hands. She's working on the guidebook. Then pre-orders will continue. Waiting for this epic!

A Kickstarter for a deck of Queer People of Color is the Numinous Tarot  Looking fantastic, and needs your help to finish!

If you want diverse decks, you must support the creators and continue to ask for them!

 Until next time, Tarot on!~

Friday, July 7, 2017

Tarot Blog Hop for Int'l Tarot Day- Knight of Wands

Rosetta Tarot

 The Knight of Wands as traditionally seen

Now this is more of what I think of the Knight's energy

Rowan Tarot

Kitty! The feeling you got right when you saw this image encapsulates the essence of the Knight of Wands. It's as warm as the ginger color of the feline in the card depicted-most eyes light up when they see this image. That's the power of the Knight of Wands- magnetic, and yet, like the feline type, can seem aloof to our cajoling and somewhat fickle at times. But oh, how they capture our attentions!

The patriarchy of court cards has traditionally depicted this card as a young man, which has evolved in more modern renderings as a man who is not ready to settle down or as the message of a short term romance- a "fling"
It is a consistent effort that I chose this card, a reminder that 'knights' or my favorite renaming "travelers', nor any of the court cards, necessarily represent any gender.
The card drawing is of a cat, more important than representing a gender.

To celebrate the First International Tarot Day, my offering:

Partnering with a chef is its own reward, and the idea for a recipe that embodied the 'heat' of wands, and the portability of traveling, not to mention a nod to more base passions representing heat, that match perfectly with feline appetite.
The conclusion was Deep Fried Oyster Po Boy w/ (could be spicy) Remoulade Sauce, It's mild, but minor changes to taste can go all the way Cajun!
 And yes, I have judges of the feline variety as well as two Sagittarians on hand, one of the signs typified by the wands suit, who fully endorse this recipe.

Sandwich Ingredients Yield: 4 Po-Boys

12-18 Oysters
Four Hoagie Rolls

Remoulade Sauce

3 T. Mayonnaise
1 T. Ketchup
1 ½ T. Capers Minced
1 T. Cilantro Minced
1 t. Roasted Garlic Minced
1 Pinch of Cayenne Pepper or Tabasco (to taste)

Egg wash

One Egg well-beaten


½ - ¾ c Flour
¾ T. Old Bay Seasoning
A pinch of black pepper

Fry In

2 c. Vegetable or Canola Oil


For Remoulade Sauce, combine all ingredients well and chill. Drain Oysters well. Dip in egg wash, begin heating oil to 375 degrees Fahrenheit, dredge in flour mixture. Fry until golden brown, approximately 2-3 minutes each side. Remove from oil and place on paper towel to drain excess oil. Place 6 or more oysters into each hoagie. Drizzle with ½ fresh squeezed lemon. Top with Remoulade Sauce and you're ready for culinary adventure!

Hint: this would go great with Sweet Potato Fries!

Pic from Google Images

"Magickal Love Drawing recipe-Triple Strength Love Powder"

Need help to bring that Knight of Wands (or anyone else) to you?
This short recipe packs a wallop! Ironically to my post, this has
Nepeta Cataria, as an ingredient- most felines don't care if you and I call it catnip-

For extra oomph, replace the rice powder with Love Rice, just grind it in a spice grinder.

2 Tbl Powdered Rice (love rice even better)
¼ tsp Queen Elizabeth Root (Orris Root) - premier love root for women's use!
½ tsp Drawing Powder (powdered sugar) 
pinch of catnip (brings 'em all to the yard!) 

Combine all, grind (mortar and pestle) fine together with your intentions.
-Use as a candle dust, sachet powder, addition to packet or spell bag.

Thank you for reading my Blog Hop entry for the First Ever International Tarot Day! (July 8th)

                                   Previous  Master List  Next

The idea for a non-sponsored International Tarot Day Blog Hop was due to the tireless efforts of Bree of Nym's Divination  
 Be sure to visit all the cards in the Blog Hop, each with it's own unique look at the cards. And special thanks to Freya of Falcon Cloak Tarot who gathered all the sources (in a deck order!) for our Master List- Thank you, Ladies :-)

Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Day The Tarot Forum Died

The AT Forum (www.tarotforum.net)

You never forget when certain events happened. 
And some of them earn monikers, for instance the song "American Pie" by  Don McLean contains the haunting lyric "The day the Music died" He wasn't writing of a music embargo, it was attributed as  his commentary on the 1959 plane crash that claimed music greats Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper. For him, it meant it would never be the same.

I joined AT forums in 2011, after lingering and learning for a while. At the time, it was the largest community on the web, and I didn't get near Facebook until not too long ago!

For me, it was the ONLY source for peer to peer Tarot help; and you received HELP, unlike the books I hoard. Is there anything more frustrating than needing a sounding board and having 18 possible answers in books, and those books can't change their wording to prove a point?

No wonder so many people are afraid to read for themselves! Until they find live help that is. 

I have referred many a person to Aeclectic of over the years, they were the Tarot Spotter if Tarot was a weight that you bench pressed.
Even so, many a one of us have been talked down off the ledge of Tarot frazzled (or were able to re-pay that favor when we could!)
I think every topic ever has been discussed in those subgroups.
Since this morning when it was announced, and I was online FIVE MINUTES after the announcement went live, they have announced the public posts will be left up, but will no longer be maintained. HERE
is the full announcement of how the site is being dismantled- it's in phases, starting the 4th, ending the 14th. This 4th week being Holiday celebrations in the USA, a great deal of us (okay, ME) are saving individual posts of interest before my profile is gone.  

I hope this is the only dour and gloomy post i ever have to make on this blog.

Just like the 10 of swords though, there is a sunrise dawning for online Tarot reaching outs I can recommend. You didn't think I could make it through a blog post without referencing a Tarot card do you??? ;-)


My recommendations currently reside on some great Facebook groups, where I have met many AT'ers who have already and are promising to help keep the Tarot torches lit.
May I heartily recommend Tarot Nerds, a group of 11,000+ and counting
or for a smaller group, the 3 of Cups Tarot Community has only a few thousand friendly folks.I also follow Tarotholics Anonymous, Tarot Professionals, and Tarot 101:Tarot Studies, a group that keeps those skills sharp.
For Tarotists who blog and vlog, check out the FB group, Tarot Bloggers and Vloggers.

I'll be looking for you!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tarot And The 7 of Cups- All The Things Along The Way

© Loren Fishman CartoonStock

I grew up in a Christian household, but would hear about the Buddhists, and their ideal of enlightenment. Cartoons like the one above make it seem easy.

What gets in the way? For Tarot, it could in part be the Seven of Cups.

Learning the Tarot is a lifelong process- one can have supreme experience, but the Tarot has never been "mastered".

Not that we wouldn't like to- as well as divine the lotto pick, never make a reading mistake, go ahead and end homelessness, hunger and have world peace to round things out. 

Blinded by our ideals of Tarot just doesn't happen to those just starting out- what visions we can't come up with on own will find us somehow.
 Pit stops along the way include:
-When we are just learning- "Going to be the BEST at this, once I..."
-Then there are the books- Is it possible to collect EVERY interpretation? (I am so guilty of this one!)
-Not to forget the add-on's- Bags, cloths, ooh a crystal or 100!
-When we are ready to branch into a different Tarot style such as TdM or Thoth- "Conquer all the reading styles!"
-If one begins to write publicly about Tarot " This could lead to fame, a book deal, and who will play me in the movie?"
-When we get great feedback - is it time to go pro? "How would it be to make a living reading?"
-Every time new Tarot decks are introduced  (enough said)

©World Spirit Tarot
Tarot has the ability to show the human experience, and therefore it can be a natural progression to see Tarot in all things. For the artistically inclined, Tarot can offer a new avenue, up to and including making one's own deck. 
With the advent of the internet, it's never been easier to share our journals or a beautiful spread's atmosphere.

I like to think the image below resplendent of the Buddha under the Bodhi tree, having ascended beyond the four of cups' meditation, through the disappointment of the five, a visit from the six, and now distractions of dreams, and temptation. 

©Barbara Walker Tarot

 How we do daydream for how our lives could be! 

©Arcus Arcanum Tarot

Daydreaming of itself is not bad, but it's not real, and it brings you nothing.

No thing. Ironically, we want all the things, yet if we project our dreams as the image above, we end up with the same fate as the Greek god Narcissus.

Ascribing to breaking down the Fool's Journey in three distinct stages, of seven cards each for the Major Arcana, it seems sevens are important points.
Now, the seven of cups in the  Minor Aracana, the everyday experience as it were, yet many lose an important battle that has cost the war.

Numerals don't end with seven, and the Tarot is not only the suit of cups; What of the antithesis of desire- detachment? Detachment can be viewed as cold and unfeeling; most un- cup like.

As far as the Tarot reading, letting go of your judgements and experiences almost seems like mastery attained. Odd that when you let go, what is given to you.

What about when you get everything you want? That's a form of ascendancy as well. Once you have mastered something there is nothing to aspire for it anymore.

So channel the Seven of Cups sometimes. Dream for more, bigger and higher. Then, get Wands inspired, Swords energy precise, and grab that cup and make it so a Pentacles fashion. If you don't, know you've still made a choice.

Until next time, Tarot on!~

*This post, as with all of my posts on single cards, is an opinion, an alternate view in that may or never arise. It is not meant to be a standard interpretation.