Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Friendly? Well I try to be...

What's in a name? You'll see mine listed as Frindle, it's pronounced "Friend-uhl" though many think it's Friendly, rhyming with my screen name, @Frindle_Sg on Twitter, or Sg Frindle on Facebook.

Actually, "Frindle" is the name of a youth book, in which as part of a class assignment, a boy renames the ink pen "Frindle". I have wanted to be a writer in some fashion since elementary school, and even if only on social media, I am currently content.

 In real life, I look like the Queen of Wands from the RWS deck.

Really. Down to the 'Do. And this pic was just random, not Tarot inspired at all. Life imitating art and all.

Do you ever see yourself in the cards? Ever tried?

I'll be posting on this topic in the future.

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