Saturday, March 11, 2017

I Designed a Spread- "Decisions, Decisions"

    Most find, particularly when reading for themselves, a one to five card spread just about covers most of the basic inquiries.

A popular question revolves around, "What am I to do?"

Now throwing your decision as a fated condition to anyone or anything, like Tarot, a pack of paper and ink remember, would be ill advisable at best.

I remember the tale of a someone whom practiced bibliomancy (divining by a random passage chosen in a book) The person in the story was religious, and used a holy book to divine their fate.
Apparently at some point our querant divined "What do I need to do?" and the passage read, "Go hang yourself." The sad story ends with them found hanging in their barn.

    For those of us that prefer to be in charge of our destiny, to the extent of which we are able, Tarot can provide a nice map, even a paper trail GPS if you will- 20 mins as the traffic runs RIGHT NOW. Should a redirection occur in 3 minutes, the path and/or time travel would change. Many GPS systems have an adjustable voice control- your journey can have even be narrated with an accent like Nature films- what accent does your Tarot deck read in?

The 'Splain - The Spread Explained
This is a basic 3 card spread

We have Card 1 at the feet - the proverbial vehicle to get on the path; not consciously choosing this card may give the answer to why you've an uneasy footing.

Cards 2 and 3 are loosely based on palmistry-
Card 2, on the Right, tells us the path most likely chosen; our gung ho "Outta my way!" approach- You might go where angels fear to tread. ( in palmistry, this hand represents what you have chosen to do)

Card 3, on the Left, gives insight to another, perhaps not your dream option, although many a great story has happened "on the way to..." ( in palmistry, this is the hand with what you were destined)

The spread is designed to be useful in helping you identify what your path you could be heading on as a result of your decisions- The pattern forms an arrow which points back to you; Ultimately the answer should always come from within.

As always, ♫ "There's still time to change the road you're on" ♪ (Led Zeppelin, "Stairway to Heaven")

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