Sunday, March 5, 2017

My Book Nook+ Reading Table

Hello Taroty Folks,
Today I thought I would begin to share in my collection of tarot books that have made it to a dedicated spot on the shelf of my reading table.

Looking at a tarotist's bookshelf is like snooping in a medicine cabinet- admit it, you want to- ever look behind a reader in a photo of them by their shelves? Seeing how much your tastes have in common?
Do you ever chant- "Gooble gobble one of us?"

The all important reveal:

At one point in my travels, I had over 300 books on Tarot, Occult, Metaphysical, and "New Age" per the retailers books; aka Tarot books
Some of them were paired down out of necessity, others for redundancy of information.
I'm currently at "The one in one out rule", meaning it better thrill my soul or it gets resold or given to one who appreciates it.
Of course, nothing stops me from stalking Goodreads, Amazon, pre-orders, or any recommendations I can get to read!
We're gonna need a bigger shelf. This would do...

Yeah, I would so rock this out; I even have some crystals.... (You may recognize this bookcase from the show "Dexter", I'm a fan and this bookshelf is partly to why)

All of this goodness nests beneath the reading portion of the table, where through osmosis and maybe some magick rise collective helping voices of knowledge and insight.

You would find my basket full of decks, along with my pendulum and some stones and crystals useful in reading hide out there as well.
I change out the reading cloth with the New Moon or as inspired.

I want to share reviews on the books I have chosen to keep, as well as the ones where we went out separate ways as friends.

   For those who do not know me from social media circles, have an avid interest in and also practice Magick; primarily folk and elemental work, and often involve Tarot cards. I'll make sure to tag my post if those are not of interest for you.

Where to begin? A favorite? Could you pick just one, the Supreme End-All-Highlander-Death Match-Champion book? Well I couldn't, for any "know-it alls"s in the crowd.

So, I will offer reviews under the rite of the blind reach, so there's no gravitation towards any selections.

First review with much ado coming up shortly. Bless!~

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