Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"Nothing New Under the Sun"

TdM Sun Card (Noblet)
Shakespeare wrote those words hundreds of years ago in Sonnet 59. 
Actually, he had rephrased a verse from the Holy Bible, Ecclesiastes (1:9) 

Lamenting Shakespeare's birthday is the day before mine, it's my secret joke that if he paraphrased others, I must be the equivalent of Tony Two-Times (Two-Times), a character who repeats his speech pattern. 

There are hundreds, nay thousands of Tarot blogs, and even more Professional Tarot readers and books on the topic; most of my online peers are Tarot readers. For years I have resisted adding my own blog to the mix, wondering, "What can I offer that hasn't already been said on the subject?

And yet, I am the one who will sit and judge the content of Tarot blogs- some giving book and deck reviews on items gifted to them by the creator, or those thinly veiling their shop or service by calling their webpage a "blog" and grouse,  "That's not how I would blog!"  Or worse, I see flashy, shiny blogs, with professional looking pictures of beautifully staged content, and worry "How could I compete with that?"

People come to Tarot seeking knowledge,approval, often validation, all of which comes from within. A reading should rarely surprise you- it really is "The Tarot You Know"- it sees and can keep your secrets. Each card is a snapshot looking in a mirror- the original selfie. Inherently neither good nor bad, it just Is. Tarot can help you achieve your goals. And it's a great tool in magick.

After too long worrying what others may think, I am starting my own blog.
The intent is not to teach you tarot, nor to sell you things or services; hopefully I can share with you my views from my years as a tarot student- book reviews I would like to read, websites/links to to things that aren't on the first page of an online search, and just plenty of Taroty thoughts in general.

I leave you with my favorite quote by Rita Mae Brown on the subject of writing:

“If you don't like my book, write your own. If you don't think you can write a novel, that ought to tell you something. If you think you can, do. No excuses. If you still don't like my novel, find a book you do like. Life is too short to be miserable. If you do like my novels, I commend your good taste.”

Well, insert blog for novel, and you get the idea :-)


  1. Welcome to the land of Tarot blogging! <3

  2. Welcome to Blogdom, Sharon! As soon as I found out there was such a thing as a 'weblog' I started blogging and nothing and no one has been able to stop me since that day. Some of us blog because we have to. If others like it, it's only a bonus. I see it as therapy. Luckily that worked out for other purposes too. Hope you have fun blogging and please don't forget to share in the Tarot Agora! :)

    1. I appreciate all the support,and from such an amazing online Tarot presence. Thank you!

  3. Yeah! Go not worrying about what others thing!

    1. *think. Because I am functional today...

    2. Thank you for taking the time to read my first post!

  4. It’s important to set your own goals and work hard to achieve them.