Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sudden Tarot- Battle in the Basin

Has it ever happened to you, just living your life and then, suddenly, Tarot? In this case I happened on a 5 of swords scenario.

   This is a candid unstaged photo. When I saw this, I had a camera brought in to preserve the moment.  (My family knows not to ask anymore)

   I saw only the configuration initially; a 5 of swords post "Battle in the Basin". Then I thought about it.
The electric toothbrush takes on the (is it winning?) fighter in the foreground;It's believed to be superior to the standard by my dentist~ does that make it so?

That's one of the best parts about Tarot- the answer is reflective of the question. It's also your intuition and interpretation.

    In the background are standard toothbrushes; they are huddled towards the corner, and get the same results by applying a different approach.
My dentist recommended this fancy gadget years ago due to "prone" teeth.
My offspring has used standard brushes for all his years (now a high school graduate) and never had cavity one.

Hmm, who's the victor in this fight now?

You may see this card saying the figure in the front of the card just had those swords knocked out of their arms, and those others joked and walked away.
Not wanting to appear to be phased, the fore figure starts telling secrets from summer camp- you know, those embarrassing ones. That would make me grin.

  When reading a group of cards, it may help to imagine what happened from the previous card that led to this one.

    I know we may not approach every moment looking through a Tarot lens, but do allow for those moments when the flame takes shapes, or the wind whispers, the rocks meditate or the water calms; maybe, suddenly, Tarot is there.

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