Tuesday, March 14, 2017



 This One!

Tarot and the Tube- a great combination


No,Not this tube!                       

   I'm not speaking of shows that have featured a Tarot deck sighting (cool as that is when it happens), I'm talking more of translating the TV into Tarot; or converting your Tarot for TV, your pick.

    Whether newbie or veteran, laterally using Tarot with TV or book can help your:
-Character studies (which face card is represented by this character?)
-Prediction confirmation (read a spread beforehand and see if you were right)
-Situational awareness- what card/s do/es this scene represent
-Imagination- start visualizing alternate scenarios for the show. Have Tarot reflect what you prefer to happen.
-Play matchmaker!- Do the Tarot cards chosen when paired up as on the show work? Why/why not? Do you learn any more insight into either the card or the character in that exercise?
-Of course there's always more! What will you learn?

This post in my introduction into a series of posts I will be writing
about my take on some of my favorite shows from the small screen.

Stay Tuned and Taroted In!

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