Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tarot Life Tricks

Life Tricks? I just can't read the word 'hack' for things that aren't even one anymore.
If the term never catches on, I'm fine.

So, how often do you work with Tarot other than using it to read?

If you feel the Tarot's symbolism has a subconscious component, why not help it help you?
My goal with this post is to inspire you; find YOUR way to have Tarot help you, and when you do, go for it! (and don't forget to share with me, I love to learn!)

Have you ever thought about or tried:

Letting Tarot help with Inspiration
It may be old school, but having an inspirational (or affirmation) post or picture on your mirror (great for self-confidence, had to bring it down so it didn't make the worst selfie)
Now, you don't have to go all Walt Whitman, unless of course you can handle it...

Some who are dieting have been known to place a picture on the fridge for "Thinspiration"
- seeing affirmations has been proven to help folks reach their goals faster.
With the advent of the internet, it's even easier to convert a card image and attach a quote (although nothing is stopping you from also placing a card under a magnet with a note of your quote- More is more!)
New school: Create a custom made screen saver:

For the charmed life:
Tiny tarot cards make great talismans. I keep a copy of the 9 of pentacles in my wallet ("I depend on me") 

Woo that can wow:
Imprinting into water- while this may seem too "woo" for some, real and layman research has shown the effect of stimuli permeated onto an object.
Read about the research of Masuru Emoto's  Water Experiment

Could Tarot not have the same effects on water? How about  making a Tarot Essence?
Lisa Eddy from Angelorum covers a practice I've been working with for years splendidly for you: How To Create A Tarot Essence

Here's my own hands on project:

Disintegrate your problems literally! Look for dissolving paper, also called spy paper, sold online or in (stage) magic shops
Here, I have taken the 5 of cups (RWS) and printed a copy of the card onto the dissolving paper.
I will write something that is irretrievably gone and let it go as the water obliterates it into nothing.
You can drink this water as well.(**Note: Make sure you use NON toxic inks!)  For drinking, I would choose an empowering card, like Strength, or a healing one, such as the Star.

The no fancy external equipment version- tear up, burn, shred a photocopy of a card's image to destroy it's influence can have the exact same effect and flair quota.

Charting a goal:  Progress with 7 of  pentacles-
In most decks, the 7 of pentacles figure is "growing" the pentacles- keyword, growing - though some people see the figure lamenting the process, I see opportunity- as another kind of green- money!
Have a goal to grow? Maybe this will inspire you.
I made a photocopy of my 7p on scrap paper
The original was on an used envelope. It had real amounts so I recreated it for your viewing- make the page can fold over for privacy or for notes.
On the "ground" write the number you are at now.
I know the sevens in Tarot can be unwieldy, but feel one needs to tend to the goal to make it to the eight. For working a project off the ground I would start here and then move working goals to the eight after achieving the ones on the seven.
On the ground I  wrote 200. My goal in the next six months is 1000 units in sales (or whatever units, money, etc you are charting.) I have written my goals on the remaining pentacles on the vines, focusing on growth and progress. (Don't let these small round numbers get you thinking small- mark your goal and go for it!

Personalize it: Here is where I call upon "The Tarot Coloring Book"- 8 1/2" by 11" glorious coloring space to work with in your own way. The coloring police will not come after you if you color a middle seam on one of the tunic pieces and make them harem pants, or bell bottoms- hmm.... corduroy, or overalls (just saying- have at it!) I've got a book review planned, you'll see!
It's written by the "O.G. of Tarot" herself, Theresa Reed The Tarot Lady, who is writing a great blog series on blinging out your coloring book!
Great inspiration found on her blog Tarot Coloring Book Tutorials

The Tarot Coloring Book  (I bought it on Amazon, it's available in most booksellers)
++ not an affiliate link, this was where I bought my copy

Don't have a copy yet?  Or need a playing card size to color?  This was go-to link before The Tarot Lady's Book. May I share a link?  Well, it's my blog, so I say yes!

These are from The Tarot Taxi blog by Jera Babylon Rootweaver
Tarot Exercise- Color Your Own

Use in spell work: If you can choose significators or identify a situation, what's stopping you?
What's needs to happen or change? What is the goal? How would it happen?
Make it so in cards and ritual.

Internet help-
 I really like this great post from Jess Carlson 's blog Jess Carlson check out Simple Tarot Spells
One of my favorite bloggers (and authors!)  Christiana Gaudet (Blog Tarot Topics ) has a series "78 Magickal Tools" well worth checking into:  Here's a link to a simple spell  that has worked great for me: Make Your Wish- The Simplest Tarot Spell Ever

For a series of some great Tarot spells with aligned moon timing, check out
Diana Chin's Blog posts: Red Lotus Designz

Prefer a book? Now we're talking!
One of the first books offered to the public on the topic was Tarot Spells by Janina Renee.

                                                  ++ Nope, no commission for me here.

It's a great primer and offers a nice variety of spells to work with.

**These types of books deserve their own post. Be on the lookout, it's coming.

Play a Game ... Introducing, Tarot-mid!
I may be the first to tell you this, or I may be the 285th "creator" of this one. I'm not tech savvy enough to play solitaire type games in an app, so you'll have to go tactile with the cards, to play this.
I think this game would be a wonderful way to introduce Tarot in a non-scary fashion, as well as brush one up on their Roman Numerals (if using the RWS) and basic addition.
Basically, it's the game Pyramid Solitaire, except with Tarot.
So, the cards are laid out as follows, cards slightly overlap the row above, as in the photo. the last row has 7 cards.
                        x x
                       x x x
                   Etc, until 7 cards

As in Pyramid Solitaire, the rule is to remove cards in two's, each pair totaling 13.
Tarot has the advantage of lots of freebies that will open up being 13 and over. Queen = 13.  Death =13  any card higher than 13, is a freebie (as well as The Fool)
Quick hints:
Page= 11
But you can't just go pulling out cards all free style.
Any card partially covered is not fair game unless it's in immediate play- even the high number cards. For example, see pic
Your remaining cards comprise your "draw" pile. 1 card at at time please, and start at opening the bottom row.

On our posted bottom row, Death comes off right away (13) So does the king (15)
The Knight of Cups (12) can pair with either magician or ace of pentacles (strategy here, which opens up more cards?)  also equals 13
Our moves expose the queen in the 2nd row.
No more current plays.
Time for the Draw pile.
 If your first draw card will not play, but with the 2nd draw card = 13, that still counts.
Discard any one with a number greater than 13. Continue in this fashion, until the draw pile is exhausted, or you have cleared the pyramid, which ever happens first.

Here is my finished game, with the played out discard pile placed horizontally (bottom of pyramid)
+Note- The king cannot be played as it is covered by the 8 of wands.
It's a bit of a thinker, but can be very entertaining!

Tarot is viable in so many projects! Books have been written of new ways have to fun with Tarot.

I recommend  Andy Matzner's  The Tarot Activity Book  ++ not an affiliate link, just reference

I really enjoyed this one. It's definitely written by a counselor and has many self exploratory ideas. It is sadly devoid of pictures- there was a blog (now seemingly defunct- however Andy is on Facebook.

I have my eye on Alison Cross' of Tarot Thrones blog New Release, which promises no unused/ out of use cards left behind! Tarot Kaizen  

 ++ Not an affiliate link; only available as an e-book currently.

Basic Decision Help~ For the more free spirited, why not ask your deck what to wear-
Should the Queen of Wands wear a caftan? Pink 1950's maribou feather slippers maybe?
Or where to vacation? (King of Cups just says island to me, but not which one!)
Then there's the big question- "What do you want to eat?"- Psst...whatever the 4 of pentacles one ate, by the look on their face, I don't recommend that!

What other ways could Tarot work with you?

Just an FYI, if you haven't read my profile, I blog as an Tarot observer and reader. I do not post affiliate links nor do I receive promotional consideration- I post what I like, and have cycled thru hundreds of tarot books so I tend to be a bit opinionated as well as well read. I may just start book name dropping in every post, as I love to chat about them.
Are we friends? Twitter @Frindle_Sg  or Facebook at Sg Frindle.

Until next post, Tarot on!


  1. Lovely post. I have the Tarot Spells book. This is definitely a must read for those who are experienced as well as the novice.

    1. Thank you for reading! I plan to write a whole post on Magick with Tarot and supporting books!

  2. love the Solitaire game! can't wait to try it!

    1. Thank you for your support! Enjoy Tarot-mid!

  3. Some really neat tips and tricks in here, SG - love it! Thanks for the mention too. Will share! <3

    1. I appreciate you taking time to read my post. I was proud to mention your fantastic blog.

  4. Thanks for the gorgeous shout out! XXOO

    1. I'm honored you dropped by my blog! I'm planning a review of your great book, BTW. Thank you for all that you do for the Tarot community!

  5. Made my morning! I know I can use my deck(s) for more than just divination, but I tend to set those projects aside for "later." Going over to print a Pentacle-covered envelope now. Thank you for the reminders :-)

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read the post and respond! I'm glad it was able to "remind" you that Tarot is not just for reading. Bless!~