Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tarot & the Tube- Dexter, Pt 1

I'm starting off the Tarot & Tube series with one of my favorite
"Dexter", Showtime's cultish hit show about a serial killer who works in a lab  for law enforcement, and uses his knowledge to play vigilante against murderers and other scuz that have slipped from justice.

Faces forward- How do you choose a Significator for someone?
Do you find a card based on their astrological sign? Their profession?
What they look like? What the book says?

I like to play a very enjoyable game where I look at folks and decide their Face Card. Purists avert your eyes; I have seen men in their 30's who are professionals, married with children represented by Queens, as well Women in their 20's who are Kings and the like.
Interesting for me is, most often, people tend to look like either their Sun sign or Ascendant in astrology. I've worked in professions where IDs are a must- so I have practiced. For celebs, I Google like everyone else.
There is a small trend that I like represented in the Slow Holler Deck that renames the court ranks as Student / Traveler / Visionary / Architect-  Wow! I'd like to start using these contexts!
So, who are we talking about?

First off, the show's namesake, Dexter Morgan.

 Dexter has an aloof persona- I'm thinking King of Swords: By day, blood spatter analyst. When it's time, The Dark Passenger takes the helm. Should that need it's own card? The Devil perhaps? Is the Id "Lizard Brain"?
Do you "see the character in the card- literally? Or just match up the qualities? Try this-
Dexter Morgan
Can you see it?
Lotus Tarot
Or is this better? (Lotus Tarot)

Ironically the actor who portrays Dexter (Michael C Hall) is an Aquarius. Representing Air signs as Swords is the most common. 

Debra Morgan, his sister, is a spitfire, with an epic no brain to mouth filter- pardon her french indeed! Page of Wands, this one. Do you see it?
Debra Morgan


Dreaming Way Tarot
Or is  more like this for you? (Dreaming Way Tarot)
Jennifer Carpenter, the actress that plays Debra, is a Sagittarius.
The Wands typify the Fire sign attributes.

James Remar portrays Dexter's Father and mentor figure. He's an earth sign, but I'd bet he has some water in the ascendant or prevalent in the chart, as I see him as the King of Cups. Does it look more like him in the Morgan Greer Tarot?
Harry Morgan

Morgan Greer

Being a vigilante serial killer is only cool on TV- but even in that world, you still have to blend in somehow.

 Let's throw in some "normalcy" -a partner.

Rita was a blind date set up by Debra. she's a classic Queen of Pentacles- nurturing, mothering, gentle.
This is a time where all those physical descriptions for the RWS deck gets it wrong- dark woman with dark hair. Not even close!
Rita Bennett
However, Julie Benz, who portrays Rita, is an earth sign, for the win.       

Here' s a more 'her' portrait from the Connolly tarot look if it helps.
Connolly Tarot

Stay Taroted in for part 2, as there is no drama without antagonists!

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