Thursday, March 16, 2017

Topsy Turvy Tarot- Reversals

♫ Downside up, upside down
Take my weight from the ground
Falling deep in the sky
Slipping in the unknown ♪  " Downside Up" Peter Gabriel 2011

Reversed cards in a reading can distract a good reader, even scare a new reader: Run! To the books and forums, March!
The RWS deck, arguably the most common deck for beginners,gives a LWB with interpretations of gloom at best for those head over heel cards.
"There's 10 swords in your back? Ha ha! Now upside you are left to flail like a turtle shish kabob on it's back- and the sun's coming up, good luck!"
Okay, not a direct quote, it reads both ways...

Ever think about reading reversals?
If not, was it because it wasn't in a book?- Did/do you need confirmation or permission? (**You now have my blessing- you're welcome!)

You want to/are read/ing reversals? Why? Is there a sacred knowledge that cannot be shown in all upright cards? (**Meet me in the spot; flash the card, and we'll use the secret handshake)

Just a reminder, The Hanged One is upside down in most every deck, that's a reversal faced at some time in reader reality.  

Is tarot only good/bad, upright/reversed, good can only get better, bad leads directly to worse?
I'm not here to persuade you. Actually, once you get into your reading groove, you'll probably have a preference (or not, no points docked if you like to change it up)

Asking my cards~

This deck the (RWS) is one of my best friends; not only does it tell me I have something in my teeth, the cards are thin enough to help me get it out!

So, the querent wants to know if their someone has eyes or anything else for another.

The 'Splain- (the Spread explained)
These 3 cards will be read together for as a unit- no spread format.
Card 1 NoW  2 Lovers Rx  3 7s

The Tarotopsy- (dissecting the spread)

For this,we'll read the cards upright and reversal

The "one night stand" Knight running away, the Lovers Rx, and that "cheatin'" card 7 of swords spell out all kinds of "Nope, nope, nope!" for faithfulness here.

And now, without reversals.
Same Petitioner, Question, and 'Splain

Card 1 7s  Card 2 3c   Card 3 Devil

The Tarotopsy-

The 7 of swords makes an appearance again, but you can't claim "cheatin'!" alone based on one card- Looking at with the 3 of cups (hmm, multiples) and the Devil? Yeah, it's looking like the querent  shouldn't think they're exclusive, but rather all-inclusive!

TL,DR? (Too long, didn't read?)

The point- Olympic event the High Jump was traditionally done by curving front forward over the bar- that is until Richard Fosbury modified and perfected a technique arching over backwards!
Both ways have been performed in the Olympics; yes, one is now standard- I say choose or not to channel your inner Fosbury- go with the way that works for you.


  1. Hahaha! Great post - very funny! I have my Fosbury perfected by now ;)

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for dropping by and commenting. Bless!~

  2. Great post and I love the humour. The Revelations deck lends itself easily to reading reversals. When Zach Wong created it he did a nice job of creating the perfect duality in every card. I also read reversals in the Cosmic. There are only a few decks where I'm not comfortable reading it reversed as it just doens't work.

    1. Thank you for taking time to read and respond to my post! I will look into the Revelations deck- that sounds very interesting! I've been RWS since day one- late bloomer, branching out! Bless!~

    2. Here are a few of the cards

    3. Wow! Impressive! Amazon, take my $!