Sunday, April 2, 2017

Book Review- The Tarot Coloring Book by Theresa Reed

 "As an adult, I didn't need permission to take up coloring again, just incentive. The Tarot Coloring Book has brought out my inner (and intuitive) child!" - Frindle, adult with inner child

Coloring. Generations have enjoyed the fun and entertainment the activity brings.
Tarot. Older than everyone reading this.
Coloring and the Tarot is not new. Mystery Schools such as the B.O.T.A.
still teach tarot by offering a blank deck to be colored systematically and to learn some of it's secrets within.

Behold: now, for the first time, "The Tarot Lady" herself Theresa Reed, presents to booksellers worldwide:   The Tarot Coloring Book  Available for purchase from places such as Sounds True Publisher  (with no need for initiation or monthly dues) 

 "There's so much room to see the card, and now I  notice things in them I've never seen before!" - Sg, Tarot enthusiast

That's right, Theresa Reed has been reading Tarot for over 30 years, and successfully in the business for over 20. Being a reader first prepared her to have this book published, as she knows how the Tarot reader and student thinks.
It's generously oversized, offering 8 1/2" x 11" pages to color in,
AND features a spiral lay flat binding. No more decisions to either crease the book's spine or holding a page down- you've got full access coloring potential!
Only the best went into this coloring book-
Helpful hints to get the most from this book (and learning the Tarot!)
Thick pages that can withstand markers!
Margins for writing notes!
The book's foreword is written by the highly esteemed Tarot author Mary K Greer!
Each facing page offers you card definitions, INCLUDING reversals, elements, and some symbol notices!
"78 giant coloring pages" you're wondering, "So fab!"
Well NO, she didn't stop at 78 pages; This not-just- for-beginner's title pages in at 180!!!
There's also-
Tips on creating great questions to ask the Tarot
Some concise "go to" card definitions
Even a few card spreads to get you reading those cards!

Have you ordered yours yet? Purchase from Barnes & Noble Booksellers
My Favorite Card

Wait! That's not all! Act now and for current (and future) Tarot Coloring Book holders, Theresa offers an online tutorial series showing you new techniques to "bling" out your book! That's right, just go to her blog page The Tarot Lady - Blinging Your Coloring Book and see how much more there is than coloring! Not about the "bling"? No problem. This book never insists you work in any particular way- you can color to your deck, or choose your own. Theresa is all about making the experience your own.
A tip that's not (yet) been featured in her book is to photocopy a page so you can change the color scheme- better yet, you should just buy a second copy-
You could order a 2nd copy of The Tarot Coloring Book here WalMart

"I bought the 50 pack of colored pencils just for this book"  - Sg, value shopper and lover of color

Need more persuasion ? You can purchase it from most retailers for around $12 USD.  For the price of a a few coffee's or some gas money, you can fuel your passion for Tarot and coloring! Order from Amazon

Reader Testimonial- "Since I've bought The Tarot Coloring Book, I've won $25 in lotto scratch offs. Coincidence, or was it in the cards? " -Frindle, bought the book, won $25- may be suggesting a correlation.

Are you reading this from across the pond? No worries, Book Depository has you covered as well-
The Book Depository

Fervent Tarot book reader and reviewer Sg Frindle answers this question one might ask:
Q-You've listed  reasons this book is great, has there been anything that's disappointing?
A-Well, there is one thing- it doesn't fit in my purse-
Just Doesn't Quite Fit

What did fit though was a gift card for the holidays, that could be used online as well. Look what can be found at Target

Creating your own work of Tarot art has never been easier, or more educational.
"Get this book!" - Sg, would be blogger and Tarot book reviewer.

Dear fellow Tarot traveler; yes, this review was written with an "informercial" humorous tone, but it should not detract in the least from the book.
The information within is  true and heartfelt. It's no secret I think Theresa Reed is an epic Tarot reader, teacher, and Tarotpreneur, and now, author.
Maybe try reading this post with  playing in the background to set the mood. That's the attention it deserves.

Until next post, Tarot on!


  1. OMG this is WONDERFUL! Thank you so much! I'm delighted that you are loving The Tarot Coloring Book!

    1. I am HONORED that you dropped by and read my blog! I do hope you appreciate the homage. Bless!~

  2. Great Review. You are quite the saleswoman. ;)

    1. Thank you for support. All over the top reviewing aside, the book is very worth it.