Monday, April 24, 2017

My Real 'World' Experience- The Godot Edition

This is where I share one of my own fantastic Tarot reading blunders; yes, it has actually happened to ME.

I read for myself, with great accuracy and insight most of the time. You can and should as well.

This rather, is a cautionary tale about allowing judgement to be clouded by desire.

Did you guess yet there was another person involved? A romantic interest, if you will.
This was someone with whom I was in contact in brief moments several times a week in my former employment. I had been chatting with them and established great report and was now hoping for something more.
Time to turn to my trusty cards!

 I pulled The World (RWS)

Ah, great success! Culmination of all of my efforts rewarded! What a great card to pull!
Every Tarot book I poured through and every website I perused bolstered me more and more with this conclusion before my next meeting with them.
"Success. Triumph in all undertakings"! The books promised.
"All of your efforts are paying off!" I read.
"The World and everything in it are yours"! The websites teased.
Yes! I had arrived! One should imagine I had already "picked the date".

My interest did not show up that day. 

Or that week.

My interest never returned again. I had waited for Godot.

What??? How could that happen? The cards, they told me our relationship would reach it's ultimate conclusion!
And that was correct. It ended. It finished. "It's Over" is an answer, just the unwanted one.

                                   ("Miss Steak", Kelly Portfolio Illustrations© 2015)
Such an Epic blunder needed a mascot 

Yeah, my bad.

It would be a few more years before I found a Tarot teacher that taught me about detachment from outcome, though I am not sure that is the most important lesson here.

Dependence on book answers, and I have had shelves full, doesn't always withstand the reading.

The World is typically lumped in with the "Good" cards, with cards like the Sun and the 10 of cups.
Only rarely do you think of too much sun giving a sunburn, lest we forget poor Icarus?
They say the dark side serves milk and cookies, and The Devil even has cake named for them I understand. So why is The Devil in the "Bad" cards section? 

The World is a complete cycle; whether the end is the beginning is whether the glass is half full for you. 
We must take off the color of expectation glasses, and don our reading ones instead.

This is my favorite version of The World card- the Wildwood Tarot.        
As much as I love my RWS, sometimes seeing another variation offers a new insight.
Wildwood Tarot© The World Tree
It would be quite awhile before I asked my cards to show me how I was so wrong in that reading. This was no poor me or 'sour grapes' in which the cards would allude to how no good that person was for me.

My inquiry was about my place in what happened and what I needed to know. Asking for the dirt about them and what they were doing from my cards is pretty unreliable, just as gossip itself.

But oh, how  I got told about my role in what transpired! 

The cards know me better than I want to admit. We shouldn't ask unless we really can handle looking in the picture mirror medium that is Tarot.

I've learned that all the cards, can have other meanings than "the traditional" or book version; even that "Little White Book' specific to the deck. 

People write about waiting for the World; actually my Year card for 2017 happens to be The World.

I've decided not to be left waiting.

Until next time, Tarot on!

**Struggling to read for yourself? Having difficulty with getting invested hope off the hanger? Let me recommend some assistance~ 

-Courtney Weber's Tarot For One is the end of 2016's gift for not only the new Tarot reader, this book showcases the subject, and is friendly without confusion.

-You may already have or at least heard of Mary K Greer's 21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card or perhaps Tarot For Yourself? 

-And another fantastic resource in not only this matter, but learning Tarot, comes from Joan Bunning's Learning The Tarot  
It's also generously available online free at Learn Tarot

-You can ask for group help from Tarot forums like Aecletic Tarot, which has a "Your Readings" section- you post your cards and interpretation first, and you get crowd support and instruction.

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