Saturday, April 1, 2017

Tarot Pleaves

Pleaves= 1.Pleas(e) and Peeves conjoined.
         2.Trying to change things thru explanation, rather than agitation.

Complaining doesn't solve many problems, whereas a more pleasant approach (please) with some informative value (clarifying peeve) that can correct the case in a beneficial way for all involved.

Maybe the right people will see this and help out where they can.

Should they unplug the microwave?
Wouldn't it be nice to watch a Vlog where the scene is calm, or at least the background noise is contained? The Vlogger goes live of their own volition, not just walking into the room for a surprise presentation? Where all supplies are right at hand, the host is nourished and sated beforehand, and the topic is presented in a clear and concise manner?
It may not be world peace, but it is on my wish list.

Still time to turn it around
Now COTD peeps, a call out of care and respect for the dedication and education. And I have gently reached out to some of you with subtle inquiry without explanation nor followup. I'm speaking of leaving a card image in upright position while announcing it's reversed.
If so much of our learning comes from looking at the cards, seeing it reversed adds to our learning. It allows one to look at the message in a new way.
The Knight of Wands from the RWS- it's Rx, if you just think about it upside-down.

Below is reversed card as most would know it. Do you imagine that wand digging in, getting stuck and waving back and forth on itself like a metronome? (maybe that's just me) Should you ever invoke the metronome as Rx idea, I take Paypal, chocolate and Amazon gift cards (Kidding!)

Amazon shouldn't need a five words or less lane-
When leaving a book or deck review on any platform, people leaving only the words, "I like it" doesn't seem to help anyone else in the slightest.
What did they like about the book or deck? Similarly, "I've seen better" is pretentious at the very least. How about they accompany the remark with a detailed picture of their library so we can determine for ourselves what they are basing that opinion on.
It could become a thing...

Good artists copy, great artists steal.
I love books. And like many people, will collect a author's collection.
Often times, an author will have a book republished, whether by as a new updated version, or a different publisher.
What is not cool, in my book, is to republish the SAME book under a different title with no warning.
Many folks do not have $15+ to find out they already have the book with a forward by someone the author knows. Couldn't the subtitle be "Formerly Published As"?
So much please and thank you for the publisher that heeds this.

Pete and Repeat
9am-A new reading service announcement- awesome!
11am-There's been a written new blog post-awesome!
1pm- A new reading service announcement- awesome!
3pm-There's been a written new blog post-awesome!
5pm- A new reading service announcement- awesome!

There are services that lets one post to social media on a timing schedule, so they can get other things accomplished.
True, most people do not sit online for hours on end.
But when one follows you on social media, which is a common and great thing for business, if it's not freshened up every now and then, it leads to tedium.
Changing of the core post isn't the request, just how it's presented.
How about once a post has finished a daily round or so, let's see a change of verbiage?

9am- Reading for people is such a pleasure! (website info)
11am- Now this post is for you!
1pm- Working on the schedule to make room for a reading for you!
3pm- My latest blog post is up!
5pm- Here's a list of the services I'm currently offering!

It seems these schedulers can rotate posts and be programed relatively far in advance. It's like Once a Month Cooking, except for advertising.
Cue the screaming fans!

What a wonderful world
If there's anything the Tarot community (and the world, honestly) could use more of, it's inclusivity.
Some of the most dedicated calls in forums and to deck creators are for formats that feature people of color, or/and include those who may not fit "traditional" profiles. It's no problem to find Tarot about cats, baseball, even Dali paintings in Tarot.
In my own family there would be need for multicultural decks, and ones that include folks of all orientations and backgrounds. Professional readers typically keep several decks on hand; having inclusive choices should make almost any client at ease.
In the case of RWS clones, too much of a good thing, has not been so great for many.

Making a great segway into

It's not always "King me" unless it's checkers
The game of Tarocchi and it's decedent Tarot were created in a time of, and often for, royalty. Most Tarot readers no longer reside under the monarchy as the ruling party. It should also be noted that most of the time of imperial rule, marriages were arranged for politics, meaning the King and Queen of any suit may not show the heavenly match one dreams.
I have fallen in love with the notion of seeing the high ranking court cards as "Face" cards. Looking at cards 11-14 of the pips as a continual maturity of the energies is modern and apropos.
As values, "face" cards are not confined by age, sex, or complexion stipulations.
My favorite new addresses have been  provided by the creators of the Slow Holler Tarot
"Students” have replaced Pages; “Travelers” were Knights; "Visionaries" the Queens and "Architects" were formerly known as Kings.
In my studies, I've found my opinion has changed with new information.
This in not an all call for re-printing the Tarot deck- it is a notation to examine how one perceives the evolution within it. Could it be that you won't always have the same significator card, and that it's perfectly perfect?
♫ I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now ♪ "My Back Pages -The Byrds

We're supposed to be the change we want to see in the world? For Tarot, may I say "Pleaves!"