Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tarot Trend- What Will Be The Next 'In' Books?

Where I predict the next big things in Tarot books judging them by their covers!

I've played this game for years, and now that I have a public outlet, I wish to share with you.

Ever just know that something is going to be good just by looking at a preview? I'm not speaking of 'psychic' or woo feelings, just that hunch that a book is "One to Watch" when you are an established bibliophile.

Here are my picks of books to be released this year in Tarot.
If a book is NOT on this list, it doesn't mean it's panned, although there are a few that I willfully left out (I am human after all, with some biases)

These are listed in order of date released (if known), and end post I will put my bet for top choice.
*I have not consulted cards nor pendulum for this post- (maybe that would make a great sequel entry)

Bringing The Tarot To Life

Release May 8 2017
Fun and Tarot for me go together like peanut butter and chocolate-beautifully!
I enjoy activity books for Tarot, and believe this will be a nice one for the collection.
The book shows our Tarot gain by learning "How to use theater games and acting techniques to gain new insights into the cards."
*Side note, I wrote this last night, and woke up to find Barbara Moore already blogging about it. Must be on to something!

Modern Tarot

Release June 13 2017
In the "things you can tell just by looking" department, this book presents itself as "Take me home and spend time with me" right away.
At this time there is no preview inside to see more, but the premise is a teaching of tarot to the millennial age range, and is not geared towards any particular Tarot deck.
Promising card based rituals to "Guide you on a radical path toward radical growth and self improvement" peaks my interest, as a "Self Help Section" of the bookstore aficionado.

Naked Tarot 

Release Fall 2017
One reason I like Janet's work so much is that she keeps Tarot up to date and even a bit edgy. Not too edgy, the book will be safe for work and grandmas despite the title. Linking Tarot with tangible concepts such as movies and life stories makes learning almost effortless.
The link is a sneak peak inside her latest book, and although there is the element of 'fortune telling' by showing possible answers for "Romance" and "Career", I do like the added aspects for "Parenting"(!) and "Spirituality".
Janet offers full service for each card, with Writing Prompts, Sabian Symbols, Flower Essences, Card Spreads (!) and more.
Small publishing house is another plus in my book.
Excited for this release.

Fortune Stellar, Revised 2nd Edition -Christiana Gaudet

Release Fall 2017- (Pic is of ORIGINAL version!)
It's no secret that I am a BIG fan of Ms Gaudet. It thrills me to see that there will be a new and updated version of her former bestseller "Fortune Stellar", in which she shared about the real experience of going pro in the Tarot Business. You'll have to see it as business when you arrive at that point, things really change from reading for friends to having "hours of operation". The revised new edition hints at including online readings and more updated business practices specific to this and other pro practitioners in the business of woo.

Tarot Time Traveller

Release Nov 8 2017
Another Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin collaboration, with the hype,
"On this journey, you will learn how to read the future as you pick up pieces of the puzzle from the greatest tarot teachers throughout history." As well researched as I find most of Katz's projects, I often find redundancy that carries over in several of their books. Great promotions give nice content typically ahead of the release, so you will know if this is one you will like.

The "real" scoreboard- how I predict sales will be-

1. Tarot Time Traveller- Probably due to Katz's popularity from "Tarosophy", as well as excellent marketing campaign.
2.Modern Tarot- The right time, should be strategically marketed.
3.Fortune Stellar- people are waiting on this release, and there is always a need for help on specifics in this field as a business.
4.Naked Tarot- With the right marketing, I do see much potential for this one.
5.Bringing The Tarot to Life- This is a "niche" book, but I expect it to fair well. As a Llewellyn publication, it may sell better than my spot on this list.

If I ruled the book sales list-
1.Fortune Stellar- Because, it's going to be great!
2.Naked Tarot- Since there can only be one number one, I had to place this one here.
3.Modern Tarot- In the Top three is the place to be!
4.Bringing the Tarot to Life- I will buy this one no matter what.
5.Tarot Time Traveller- I'll let the fans in first on this one, and then see how I feel about it from the reviews.

What new books to be released are on your list? Maybe I've overlooked them!
I'd love to read your choices, opinions and predictions.

Tell me here, or find me on Twitter @Frindle_Sg or Facebook, @Sg Frindle

Until next time, Tarot on! Bless!~  

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