Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tarot Answers In Interpretive Dance

By that I mean, the cards tell the answer as they know it, but you are on your own to decide what that means.

And like the oracles they are inspired from, they are probably mocking you occasionally.

Interpretive Dance- Is the figure in the Two of Pentacles performing the Dance of the Seven Veils, or the Hokey Pokey?

Deviant Moon

As well they should, when one asks things such as:

Want to know someone else's sexuality? Perhaps you should ask THEM.
What are they thinking? Pretty sure it's tacos.
Yes or No? Flip a coin. Or use a pendulum. Save your sanity.

Why is it* when someone posts a reading online, the answers go all over the board, especially for one of the all time great questions, "Are they cheating?"?? Shouldn't it be there is just one answer?
*Cue Andy Rooney Voice

They should have to  draw the Wheel of Fortune. "Good luck, bad luck, who's to say?" says the Wheel. Ha ha. Better off with a fortune cookie.
Did you correctly guess Fish Love? (LOL) +

And what currency does a Tarot reading carry? Can you sue for your thoughts? Do you win your penny back?

Funny how in all the fitness books out there the exercises never cover jumping to conclusions.

Granted, there are readers whom even specialize in cut and dried inquiry exhumation, gleaning Tarot bones with impressive pageantry. Often, these are the seasoned readers, and/or psychics, some working with spirits.

For the rest of us, it's best that we continue to ask about our part in the situation, and make an informed decision on how to proceed forward.
After all, we know ourselves best, why not start there? Soul searching is an inside job- Tarot can hold the light up for you, pull back the curtain, even give you comfort or a jump start when needed.

And take some cues. Asking the same question over again will probably get you cards like:
the 4 of swords (give it a rest)
or, the 10 swords (you're grinding ground flour)
The 3 of wands (you need to wait)
The Hanged Man (stuck in limbo)
at least that's what happens for me.

Tarot being a symbolic language, while you're learning, know you may end up interpreting the answer is to wind your suitcase while snorkeling- Of course! Why didn't it just say that in the first place?

+ For the record, the answer on Wheel of Fortune was 'Wish List'

Friday, May 26, 2017

Tarot Fives- Variations On The Theme of Loneliness

Last night I dreamed about Tarot. 
Now, I did go to bed thinking about it, but what came to me reminded me that there is always more to learning.
Tarot is a book you can read and highlight all you want, and still find something new when referencing.

In an online group, the discussion was loneliness in the cards. All of the 5's were mentioned here and there except for the 5 of swords. 
Why not that one? Without thought I typed  "One person is excluded in that group.They've all walked away in the RWS." 
 What? That card is always a 'bully' card, the hardest thing about that is that it gets lonely at the top; so why was I suddenly on the other side and saying that?

It really got me thinking, dreaming, then awake and inspired.

Swords. Words within. The term words is actually part of swords. Words can hurt.
What if, the swords are words in this depiction?  Ever walked into a room and the conversation stops? Imagine all the swords as words; they've just dropped to the ground. What if the figure is trying to piece out and recapture errant words and syllables? Was the conversation about them? And what about the expression on the face? Is is necessarily a sneer? Could it be nervous laughter?

Lo Scarbeo Tarot


What of ALL the fives? What's in the suits that's from within us?

The five of cups. Five emotions?
I'm not sure we are limited to five, but I am definitely willing to say it would canvas the biggest ones. Anger, Elation, Sadness, Fear, Contentment.
What about Tears?
Spiral Tarot

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

End of May Blogletter

My homage to au courant Tarot goodness in the webs, and I'll try to introduce some folks that aren't in the top SEO picks

In the News(letters)

Keep your brands to yourself- Check out The Tarot Lady as she takes on copy cats in the latest Soul Proprietor 

Christiana Gaudet is Summer Ready per her Tarot Topics Newsletter  

Great Expectations (Check these events out!)

Tarot Summer School-looks to be amazing! Bundle 15 courses by different instructors, or buy classes individually! Registration is open, Class June 1

May 24- Talking Shop with Theresa and Bri is a public event on Facebook- Topic "Creative Photography For Your Soulful Business" here

International Tarot Day is coming July 8! (78) You'll soon start seeing some wonderous things planned for it's first celebration!

Up For Review

I'm currently loving Leeza Robertson's Tarot Court Cards For Beginners and a review is forthcoming shortly

I'll also be interviewing three time author and two time deck publisher Janet Boyer- you'll see it in the blog soon!

Let's not be Blog-livious: small blogs, big content

Do you like "Yes or No" spreads? Check out The Jupiter & Saturn Yes No Technique from Lisa Eddy at Angelorum 

Correlate Tarot to music? Owl in the Oak Tarot does. Connecting Tarot With Music: Strength 

Where have I been to only recently discover Fables Den? Excellent writings, I was hooked when I saw "Tetris" in this title The High Priestess' Way-Make Space, Stay Still, and Play Tetris

New Blogger Alert! I am happy to introduce Starr Carillo's foray into the world of online journaling with her blog Starr Tarot  Read about What Tarot Has Taught Me 

Gypsy Rose Tarot talks about Letting Go

Miguel Marques for Maelstrom Tarot writes the thoughtful To A Queen of Swords

More thoughts on the Court Cards, this time about the Pages. Meadow Queen views them as Eyes Up, Heart Open  Awwww!

 A Simple Spread For The Resistance is an answer spread Dreadlock Tarot was inspired to create noticing people's desire to help with their community of even on a more global level where we can

Victoria from Eternal Athena participated in a pictorial spread for Bored Panda, bringing life to several cards in the name of Tarot. And Art.

I do hope you already follow Imogen Walters. Her latest post provides Musings On The Magician

Finally, this is not Tarot related, but an excellent post on divination, by ANY means The Body as Divination Tool by Kai Elliot  

Amour pour TdM
As if The Queen's Sword couldn't get any better, check out the newest feature Artist's Advice  

One of Camelia Elias' students started a blog! Take a look at Tarot Vitae

Up On Deck:

The Wooden Tarot is a neat indy deck I've been looking at. Int'l buyers may want to order from Beth Maiden at Little Red Tarot 

Lots of buzz for the Kickstarter of the Mesquite Tarot - it looks great!

Speaking of Kickstarter Tarot Decks, J Ryan Kent of Queer Street Tarot is creating and has on Kickstarter a Tarot deck "of my experience as a gay man & my esoteric/tarot knowledge to bring a unique deck to life"  Take a look Here


Until next time, Tarot on!~

Friday, May 19, 2017

Review- Llewellyn's Little Book of Psychic Development by Melanie Barnum

What you'll get: This is a wee 5"x6" book, portable, and about 183 pages. Think gentle, not grandiose.

Why you may have overlooked this gem:
There are no slick promises and exclamation points promising overnight results or fame, fortune, and a TV show. And also, as of this writing, it's not been released yet. I am thankful to Llewellyn Publications and Netgalley for loaning me an advanced reading copy.

Why it's worth it's place in the book nook:
This book makes a wonderful "addition" to other studies, in my case, Tarot. (I chose to read this with "Living The Tarot" by Scott Turner) Written in encouraging tones, Melanie reminds you that it is already within you, she is just helping you not overthink and talk yourself out of your experience.
-You'll read about all the forms of psychism (it's not all non- stop action picture viewing like in the movies)
-Learning meditation in a way that you aren't questioning if you are "Doing it right", and beginning guided meditation.
-Introduction to chakras
-Practical, hands on exercises even include a section to begin scrying, pendulum work, even working with cards
-Since it's not just concentrated on one aspect, the seeker is not discouraged if they are not strong in some areas, as they can discover where their strengths lie.

What's NOT in this book (That may be important to you):
This book will not teach you to be a professional, nor help you set up a business.

TL,DR? Too Long, Didn't Read?
* This is a small, encouraging book that's big on introducing you to opening up to psychic development.
* It makes a great addition to any divination or channeling work you are interested in working with
* 27 exercises along with the author's expert tips will soon help you open up to being receptive and connected with the universe and your place with it.

4.5 stars on Subject matter

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Can Tarot Keep Up With Modern Times?

When the Tarot was created, it was during a much different time and circumstances than we face now. Or was it?

War? Check
People in charge? Check
Dreamers, Doers, Sinners and Saints? Check, check, and dos mas.

If you are really looking for something, it's only a matter of time before you begin to see it all around you.

There are even modern correlations found in unexpected places, such as the Holy Bible, where one could find, for instance, automobiles.

"Pursue your enemies with your Tempest, and terrify them with your Storm! Psalms 83:15

"The apostles where in an Accord" Acts 5:12

These obviously were not the original intents of the writers, but it was easy to make a modern association, no?

 Do you believe Tarot keep up with modern times, being that the pictures are fixed? 
The language of Tarot is symbolic, and as the vernacular changes, Tarot can keep up with the reader, once the reader defines their own concepts.

The Chariot and it's horses are easily translated as vehicles. 
©Lotus Tarot
The Six of Swords could represent travel by boat.

©Druidcraft Tarot
Pages, those court messengers, can just as easily represent email as well appear as the local mail courier.
©Alice in Wonderland Tarot

Those are the most 'obvious' ones.  What about the more subtle ones?

Those who follow me on Facebook know I often host "Taroty Thoughts" on my page, where I think about Tarot in our present time.

There I've asked about such things as "What card(s) represents Robots (or robotics) in Tarot?"  It seems swords represents machinery to most of us, and not surprisingly, the Air quality of thought for their invention.
"Domo Argiato" (Tarot of Dreams©)

And what of the term "Bromance" a close, nonsexual relationship between two men. The Buddy Movie genre encapsulates this.  But can The Lovers card?
The Locus Tarot©

I believe so. My favorite comment came from Seth, from Coming Out Tarot   "And yes, The Lovers still applies. Relationships are meta, peer, friends, directs, bosses, family, etc."

Tarot is about life, the good and the bad. 
Consider MFK Fisher's book How To Cook A Wolf. When the wolf is at the door, you learn to cook wolf. Actually, she was serious- this book was written around "The Great Depression"
Even figuratively, the 7 of wands stands out for this scenario.
©The Phantomwise Tarot

And is there a better feeling than growing old together, as in the 10 of cups?
©The Charming Tarot

Talking about that which feels good, arguably, along with Tarot and Math, Music is the most universal of languages.

How do the music genres play out in the cards?
I asked for Facebook for opinions on this and got them!
Let see-

Muzak (elevator/phone hold music)- 4 of cups

©Intuitive Tarot

Classic Country Music -The Hermit
This isn't from a real Tarot deck, but is it not the Willie Nelson card if there ever was one?
© Art of Maarten Donders
Props to Lisa Eddy of Angelorum for contributing the Page of Swords as the Rap Battle Champion!
©The Housewives Tarot

Classical music apparently is Major cards only, as the votes were for The Hierophant (voice) 
©Alpehh Tarot

and Temperance for the instrumental (thanks Joe Rimtu)
©Tarot of Empowerment

How about EMO? The Hanged One says FB friend Tinsa M Linhart-Staples
©Trump XII by Liz Hilton

The Devil is tied for Punk and Rock!
©The Urban Tarot

 I could have chosen the RWS deck or the Noblet TdM for more "run of the mill" imagery to cover these cross overs.
Style has evolved, we no longer only travel by foot, horse, or boat, so why not our understanding of  the Tarot- even when new decks are created, it's the essence, our collective knowledge, that remains. 

What other modern technology or concepts have you 'Tarot Translated'? Find me on Facebook, Sg Frindle  to discuss or play along!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tarot Blogletter for Mid May

My homage to au courant Tarot goodness in the webs, and I'll try to introduce some folks that aren't in the top SEO picks.

In the News(letters)

The Tarot Lady's 'Hit List' this week really hits home Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds Your Soul Wow!

Lavender Moon's latest newsletter talks a bit witchy and she's hosting a DIY spa products party on FB! Read about it here

Lisa Boswell wants to help Pro readers out Why No One Is Buying Your Readings and be sure to check out her Master Mystic course

Great Expectations (Check these events out!)

May 24- Talking Shop with Theresa and Bri is a public event on Facebook- Topic "Creative Photography For Your Soulful Business" here

Up For Review

LLewellyn's Little Book of Psychic Development by Melanie Barnum (release June 08)- I've paired reading this one with another book of great exercises on Tarot to ramp up my readings. Perfect for psychic awareness "beginners" like me

Magical Powers For Beginners by Deborah Lipp (June 08) Deborah is an amazing author, I just loved Tarot Interactions. If you are looking into creating magick, I'm highly recommending this one!

Naked Tarot by Janet Boyer - I got the sneak peek on an Epic release for the end of the year! Can't wait to share the deets with y'all

Let's not be Blog-livious: small blogs, big content
I guess the theme this post is all about life experiences

Okay, so Llewellyn Publishers Tarot blog isn't so small, but I love this post from Scott Martin Breathing New Life Into Tarot
as he echoes my sentiment on how do we proceed when it's all been done before.

Shelly Ruelle of Maelstrom Tarot has this reality post How Tarot Cards Play Out In The Real World

Mother Tarot is a newish blog from Barbara, Queen of Cups. I really like this post When Fish Bones Were My Tarot Teacher

Firerose Tarot shares a fresh perspective on a card that tends to get pigeonholed. Read Cake, Friendship and the 4 of Pentacles

Maddy Elruna takes on The Most Feared Card in Tarot

Cassandra Snow helps you learn Tarot, and there's games! Learning Tarot: The Art matters More + Some Games!

Working with the Elements suits me just fine! Coming Out Tarot
posts Get Things Done Using The Four Elements Seth's mission is to help you find and work with your passion- be sure to read more of his posts!

Still looking for help deciphering Court Cards? Carrie Mallon's approach may help How To Read The Court Cards (The Easiest Way)

Rin's Spiritual Healing has some great Tarot deck reviews and articles- written with the info I want to know. Check out her newest one on the Russian Tarot of St Petersburg

I recently found the Tarot For Women site, which has an online ecourse and other goodies as well as a nice blog. This post Tarot Mindfulness certainly is not only for women.

Jenna from Gypsy Rose Tarot talks about Tarot Coaching

Thoth tidbit- Realizing that primarily the focus of this blog is on "mainline" Tarot decks such as RWS and clones, I tried to find some representations for the Thoth deck. Many apologies, my search only found definitions.
The best place for active Thoth discussion would be (IMO) found in
Aeclectic Forum's special threads Thoth Tarot

Amour pour TdM- I do have, and work with, some Tarot d' Marseilles decks.
For stellar book and deck reviews, The Queen's Sword rocks. Catch them on Facebook @queenssword for real time review releases.

How I could ever leave out one of my favorite mentors, Camelia Elias, whose reading style teaches people to "Read like the devil". She's written books, courses, and her amazing blog is found here
PS- she also teaches Lenormand cards and can be booked for readings.

Up On Deck:
Take my $$$! The Summer 2017 release of Borderless Smith Waite Tarot Deck is happening!

I don't usually look at oracle cards, but this Astrological deck
on Etsy looks very well done. On pre-order until May 21 printing date.

The Vice Versa Deck is happening in September- a card view from the front and back? Looks like it will pair well with The After Tarot

Until next time, Tarot on!~

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Book Review- Bringing The Tarot To Life by Scott Martin

I was excited for this new release- it made my list of Tarot 'In' books out this year.

It was to be released May 8, but Amazon sent out copies early, and participants of the Readers Studio also had early access.

I give thanks to Llewellyn Publishers and Netgalley for a borrowed unedited preview edition for consideration, however this review is my own.

Onto it then!


What you'll get: Offered as both a 6"x9" journal sized paperback, or an e-book, this pages in at a respectable 263 pages. Most of the "activities" fit within about two pages each. Learning is meant to be experienced rather than read.

Why you may have overlooked this gem:
This book is, as previously predicted, a relatively niche book for Tarot activity, with more than 1/3 devoted to group activity that would be difficult for a solo reader, although perfect for a teaching or a Tarot monthly group- This would make a wonderful teacher's guide, for either Tarot, or for acting class, as is the author's background.

Section 1 is for solo journaling exercises, about 25 well thought out mind and imagination opening prompts where Scott shines as a teacher by showing you where to look, not what to see. This was my favorite part of the book. There is much emphasis of understanding "character", particularly when not in one's normal habitat, which is ideal for also learning to understand one another.
Sociology or Psychology students may find some worth here as well.

The bulk of the book is in Section II; group "Theater Games", which are quite impressive if only I had others to work them with. About 35 exploratory lessons that shouldn't be panned over just because I'm not hosting a group. There is no deficit of quality anywhere in the book, just the need to get this book to the right people.

The last portion of the book does have working definitions for all 78 cards with black and white images of the Llewellyn Classic Tarot Deck.
I like that instead of using the term "reversal", Scott notates instead "also", which allows for the cards to remain upright and still have depth.

Why it's worth it's place in the book nook:
To be honest, I'm not sure this one will stay with me permanently. I feel I can get much use from the journaling exercises, and then find a teacher or school group that could benefit from it much more.

What's NOT in this book (That may be important to you):
This is a guidebook, there really are no right or wrong answers, as each is left to explain their interpretation of the cards. You'll find structured activities, but you'll also be putting in the work.
You'll not find much help in 'learning' tarot from a traditional standpoint either, save for the few paragraphs each definitions at the end of the book.

TL,DR? Too Long, Didn't Read?
* This is a niche book, geared towards group "stage and theater" style learning of integrating Tarot and a life character study of others.
* The lessons and writing are very well written, it just needs the right audience
* This book's intent is not to teach one to learn Tarot, rather how to use it to bring depth and understanding as the characters we are and whom we encounter.

Rating 3.5 stars, 4.5 stars for Tarot learning or Drama groups

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tarot Blogletter For Early May

My homage to au courant Tarot goodness in the webs, and I'll try to introduce some folks that aren't in the top SEO picks.

In the News(letters)

Theresa Reed, aka 'The Tarot Lady' is a Multi-talented Mystic that consistently posts fresh, relatable, content on everything from learning tarot through going pro. With newsletters like 'The Hit List' and 'Mad Hookups', you'll feel in with the Tarot 'In' crowd.

Visit her site, and sign up Here

Weekly email I love to receive arrives from Christiana Gaudet's 'Tarot Topics' Newsletter. Each weekly has a well written theme for Tarot brain fuel, along with "The Week In Review" of links she's found to share on Tarot, a One Card reading, and Events where you can find her; she's a Florida girl, but travels often. Maybe you can see her! She's also the author of "Tarot Tour Guide" Sign up Here

Little Red Tarot's 'Bits & Bobs' Newsletter is " Friendly, weekly emails with tarot news, tips, inspiration and fun stuff I think you’ll like" per Beth Maiden herself.

Fantastic articles, guest posts, deck and book reviews with an emphasis on diversity and indy publications. Nothing stuffy about this blog- a must read, Sign up Here

Great Expectations (Check these events out!)

Janet Boyer will be interviewed by Tarot Insider on May 9

-She'll be talking about her yet to be released book 'Naked Tarot'
Join us as welcome our Special Guest: Tarot Master & Author Janet Boyer! ...Susanne, Ruth & Dax will be "catching up" with Janet, and discussing her *New Book, to be released later this year: "Naked Tarot"!
....Plus we will be bringing on our Listeners who have questions for Janet, and for Live, On-Air Mini-Readings!
You will be able to both hear AND see us! Join via your Phone, Pad or a Computer/Laptop! Just go to:
SHOW TIME: 11:30am Pacific (US) - 1:30pm Central - 2:30pm Eastern (US), 7:30pm London (UK)................."

Suzie Zurn of madamezeetarot has a course of 'Spellcasting with Tarot' coming up May 12-14.  SPACE LIMITED TO 5 PEOPLE.
Two get topics working together!
"In this interactive workshop we will:
Speak loud and clear to this Universe
Take back our power
Create our own destiny

Here's the skinny!
3 Live Zoom calls
Private FB group page
3 Tarot Spreads to choose from
List of ingredients to make a little satchel
Choice of 3 different Mantras for your specific purpose
The inside scoop on all my tips n tricks

Spellcast with Tarot is $97 and you're going to walk away with priceless information that you can use for a lifetime."

'Living The Archetypes' is a two week jouney beginning June 9-23
Get more Deets:
Living The Archetypes by Sarah Taylor
" It's a tarot course, but not a tarot training course.
It's not about learning tarot, but about *living* the tarot, and learning *you* in the process. It is EXPERIENTIAL, and no tarot knowledge is necessary.
It's a taster - we are not deep-diving but rather dipping beneath the surface (and that can be more than enough!) - just two weeks, running from June 9 - June 23.
It's online only - it will involve self-practice, and we'll meet and share experiences, and ask/answer questions, on a secret Facebook page.
I haven't detailed price in many places, but because you're connected with me here, in the medium where the course will be run, and where I tend to have most interaction with most of you, it feels right to share that it will be $78 for the course, which you can pay outright or in two instalments of $39. Participants will also have the option to add a reading with me to consolidate and further their studies, for a total of $158, or two instalments of $79.
Registrations start on May 11, and run for two weeks, until May 25 - so there's a limited time to sign up. (This allows me to offer two instalments.)"

Lisa Boswell teaches a Course on those difficult Face Cards: 'The Court Card Masterclass'   "Stop praying that Court cards won't  show up!"  

Up For Review

I've been reading "Bringing The Tarot To Life" by Scott Martin- Just released this week!  Brings so much fun working with Tarot!

And working on my Psychic awareness with "Llewellyn's Little Book of Psychic Awareness" by Melanie Barnum (release-June 8, 2017)

Creativity and psychism make a lovely pairing, look for my book reviews very soon!

Let's not be  Blog-livious: small blogs, big content

Have you read these recent blog posts?

Death, Judgement, and Change in Tarot Jack of Wands' most recent post has impressive insight- Actually, the whole blog is pretty brilliant.

My Wandering Fool is an underrated, informative Tarot page. Check out A Tarot Spread To Consult With The Empress and Emperor

Firerose Tarot's newest post Why Free Readings Are NOT For The Spiritual Good will give you insight from a learned reader's perspective

J Ryan of Queer Street Tarot tackles the 9 of wands in his Hard Cards Series

Siobhan Rene from  has formed the first collaborative Tarot Scopes! 12 Readers for the 12 Signs! April 21-May 20

Weekly read more your style? My friend Dauna from Readings By Duana has you covered: Weekly Tarot For May 7-13

I'm digging this post by Completely Joyous:  Tarot Funk- 6 Ways To Get Your Groove Back

Christiana Gaudet's last newsletter included this post, The Key To Keywords  and even includes a PDF guide to download! See also this post An Evening With The Six Of Swords

Check out very newish blog Six Swords  and the post My Personal Court  One to Watch!

Up On Deck:

Stop everything: There is now a Game of Thrones Tarot
Tarot life just got a lot cuter:  Kawaii Tarot

Until next time, Tarot On!~

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Tarotneous Bunk - Tarot Myth Drivel- Meme Edition

1. One must keep Tarot cards wrapped in silk

If you feel called to, do this, but mandatory it is NOT
Be careful following the masses. Sometimes the M is silent.

2.You must be given (or steal) your first deck

Or what? I'd even like a story of what happened to someone who didn't. In the meantime, most I know bought their own first deck and are living happily. (Including me)

3. You cannot read for yourself

Yes you can. Repeat after me. "YES, I CAN"  There are even books about doing so. *

 4 Tarot was invented by Egyptians

There are decks older than the Thoth deck. And plenty of history making Tarot's origins ambiguous. I run from anyone touting this as fact.

5. Never let anyone touch your cards

What you expect, you project into happening. 


6. One can't read while pregnant for someone pregnant

Plenty of my peeps have 'busted' this myth- 
The next meme should be 'reading exercise', it's about the same

7. Death always means death.

 Sorry, this one is totally a movie invention- part of why Tarot is so 'spooky'


8. Tarot is the instrument of evil

 I believe this record is proof otherwise

Seriously, this is about as evil as paper and ink get:

9.  male  = king          female  =queen

It's 2017- if ANY of these rules goes, please let it be this one!
The court cards incorporate aspects of the personality, events, timing, too much to take at 'face' value. There are great books on this topic as well.**

There are other myths surrounding Tarot I am sure, but these are the most common.
At times when few books on the subject existed, it was easy to take one person's opinion as fact.

*Try reading these books by great authors for 'tried and true' modern Tarot help on reading just for you
Tarot For One  Courtney Weber
Tarot For Yourself  by Mary K Greer

** Court cards are tricky! Help to the rescue
Tarot Court Cards For Beginners by Leeza Robertson- Brand New!
Understanding The Tarot Court  by Mary K Greer
The Tarot Court Cards by Kate Warwick-Smith

I've read all of these books and know they are worthy except Leeza Robertson's book, which is released this week. It's now on my list.

Until next time, Tarot on!~