Thursday, May 18, 2017

Can Tarot Keep Up With Modern Times?

When the Tarot was created, it was during a much different time and circumstances than we face now. Or was it?

War? Check
People in charge? Check
Dreamers, Doers, Sinners and Saints? Check, check, and dos mas.

If you are really looking for something, it's only a matter of time before you begin to see it all around you.

There are even modern correlations found in unexpected places, such as the Holy Bible, where one could find, for instance, automobiles.

"Pursue your enemies with your Tempest, and terrify them with your Storm! Psalms 83:15

"The apostles where in an Accord" Acts 5:12

These obviously were not the original intents of the writers, but it was easy to make a modern association, no?

 Do you believe Tarot keep up with modern times, being that the pictures are fixed? 
The language of Tarot is symbolic, and as the vernacular changes, Tarot can keep up with the reader, once the reader defines their own concepts.

The Chariot and it's horses are easily translated as vehicles. 
©Lotus Tarot
The Six of Swords could represent travel by boat.

©Druidcraft Tarot
Pages, those court messengers, can just as easily represent email as well appear as the local mail courier.
©Alice in Wonderland Tarot

Those are the most 'obvious' ones.  What about the more subtle ones?

Those who follow me on Facebook know I often host "Taroty Thoughts" on my page, where I think about Tarot in our present time.

There I've asked about such things as "What card(s) represents Robots (or robotics) in Tarot?"  It seems swords represents machinery to most of us, and not surprisingly, the Air quality of thought for their invention.
"Domo Argiato" (Tarot of Dreams©)

And what of the term "Bromance" a close, nonsexual relationship between two men. The Buddy Movie genre encapsulates this.  But can The Lovers card?
The Locus Tarot©

I believe so. My favorite comment came from Seth, from Coming Out Tarot   "And yes, The Lovers still applies. Relationships are meta, peer, friends, directs, bosses, family, etc."

Tarot is about life, the good and the bad. 
Consider MFK Fisher's book How To Cook A Wolf. When the wolf is at the door, you learn to cook wolf. Actually, she was serious- this book was written around "The Great Depression"
Even figuratively, the 7 of wands stands out for this scenario.
©The Phantomwise Tarot

And is there a better feeling than growing old together, as in the 10 of cups?
©The Charming Tarot

Talking about that which feels good, arguably, along with Tarot and Math, Music is the most universal of languages.

How do the music genres play out in the cards?
I asked for Facebook for opinions on this and got them!
Let see-

Muzak (elevator/phone hold music)- 4 of cups

©Intuitive Tarot

Classic Country Music -The Hermit
This isn't from a real Tarot deck, but is it not the Willie Nelson card if there ever was one?
© Art of Maarten Donders
Props to Lisa Eddy of Angelorum for contributing the Page of Swords as the Rap Battle Champion!
©The Housewives Tarot

Classical music apparently is Major cards only, as the votes were for The Hierophant (voice) 
©Alpehh Tarot

and Temperance for the instrumental (thanks Joe Rimtu)
©Tarot of Empowerment

How about EMO? The Hanged One says FB friend Tinsa M Linhart-Staples
©Trump XII by Liz Hilton

The Devil is tied for Punk and Rock!
©The Urban Tarot

 I could have chosen the RWS deck or the Noblet TdM for more "run of the mill" imagery to cover these cross overs.
Style has evolved, we no longer only travel by foot, horse, or boat, so why not our understanding of  the Tarot- even when new decks are created, it's the essence, our collective knowledge, that remains. 

What other modern technology or concepts have you 'Tarot Translated'? Find me on Facebook, Sg Frindle  to discuss or play along!


  1. Very nicely pulled together. I love that you put your Taroty Thoughts into a blog post because I really enjoy your prompts and seeing what everybody comes up with... Keep'em coming!

  2. Thank you for reading and participating! It's always nice to have the "pro" folks weigh in on the discussion!