Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tarot Blogletter for Mid May

My homage to au courant Tarot goodness in the webs, and I'll try to introduce some folks that aren't in the top SEO picks.

In the News(letters)

The Tarot Lady's 'Hit List' this week really hits home Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds Your Soul Wow!

Lavender Moon's latest newsletter talks a bit witchy and she's hosting a DIY spa products party on FB! Read about it here

Lisa Boswell wants to help Pro readers out Why No One Is Buying Your Readings and be sure to check out her Master Mystic course

Great Expectations (Check these events out!)

May 24- Talking Shop with Theresa and Bri is a public event on Facebook- Topic "Creative Photography For Your Soulful Business" here

Up For Review

LLewellyn's Little Book of Psychic Development by Melanie Barnum (release June 08)- I've paired reading this one with another book of great exercises on Tarot to ramp up my readings. Perfect for psychic awareness "beginners" like me

Magical Powers For Beginners by Deborah Lipp (June 08) Deborah is an amazing author, I just loved Tarot Interactions. If you are looking into creating magick, I'm highly recommending this one!

Naked Tarot by Janet Boyer - I got the sneak peek on an Epic release for the end of the year! Can't wait to share the deets with y'all

Let's not be Blog-livious: small blogs, big content
I guess the theme this post is all about life experiences

Okay, so Llewellyn Publishers Tarot blog isn't so small, but I love this post from Scott Martin Breathing New Life Into Tarot
as he echoes my sentiment on how do we proceed when it's all been done before.

Shelly Ruelle of Maelstrom Tarot has this reality post How Tarot Cards Play Out In The Real World

Mother Tarot is a newish blog from Barbara, Queen of Cups. I really like this post When Fish Bones Were My Tarot Teacher

Firerose Tarot shares a fresh perspective on a card that tends to get pigeonholed. Read Cake, Friendship and the 4 of Pentacles

Maddy Elruna takes on The Most Feared Card in Tarot

Cassandra Snow helps you learn Tarot, and there's games! Learning Tarot: The Art matters More + Some Games!

Working with the Elements suits me just fine! Coming Out Tarot
posts Get Things Done Using The Four Elements Seth's mission is to help you find and work with your passion- be sure to read more of his posts!

Still looking for help deciphering Court Cards? Carrie Mallon's approach may help How To Read The Court Cards (The Easiest Way)

Rin's Spiritual Healing has some great Tarot deck reviews and articles- written with the info I want to know. Check out her newest one on the Russian Tarot of St Petersburg

I recently found the Tarot For Women site, which has an online ecourse and other goodies as well as a nice blog. This post Tarot Mindfulness certainly is not only for women.

Jenna from Gypsy Rose Tarot talks about Tarot Coaching

Thoth tidbit- Realizing that primarily the focus of this blog is on "mainline" Tarot decks such as RWS and clones, I tried to find some representations for the Thoth deck. Many apologies, my search only found definitions.
The best place for active Thoth discussion would be (IMO) found in
Aeclectic Forum's special threads Thoth Tarot

Amour pour TdM- I do have, and work with, some Tarot d' Marseilles decks.
For stellar book and deck reviews, The Queen's Sword rocks. Catch them on Facebook @queenssword for real time review releases.

How I could ever leave out one of my favorite mentors, Camelia Elias, whose reading style teaches people to "Read like the devil". She's written books, courses, and her amazing blog is found here
PS- she also teaches Lenormand cards and can be booked for readings.

Up On Deck:
Take my $$$! The Summer 2017 release of Borderless Smith Waite Tarot Deck is happening!

I don't usually look at oracle cards, but this Astrological deck
on Etsy looks very well done. On pre-order until May 21 printing date.

The Vice Versa Deck is happening in September- a card view from the front and back? Looks like it will pair well with The After Tarot

Until next time, Tarot on!~


  1. Great read SG. And thank you for the shout out xx

    1. Thank you for reading and for your input. And of course, thank you for such fine content worth sharing. Bless!~

  2. Thanks for the sweet mentions! You rock!

    1. That statement,coming from Tarot royalty, means so much! Thank you for taking time out to read and comment!