Friday, May 19, 2017

Review- Llewellyn's Little Book of Psychic Development by Melanie Barnum

What you'll get: This is a wee 5"x6" book, portable, and about 183 pages. Think gentle, not grandiose.

Why you may have overlooked this gem:
There are no slick promises and exclamation points promising overnight results or fame, fortune, and a TV show. And also, as of this writing, it's not been released yet. I am thankful to Llewellyn Publications and Netgalley for loaning me an advanced reading copy.

Why it's worth it's place in the book nook:
This book makes a wonderful "addition" to other studies, in my case, Tarot. (I chose to read this with "Living The Tarot" by Scott Turner) Written in encouraging tones, Melanie reminds you that it is already within you, she is just helping you not overthink and talk yourself out of your experience.
-You'll read about all the forms of psychism (it's not all non- stop action picture viewing like in the movies)
-Learning meditation in a way that you aren't questioning if you are "Doing it right", and beginning guided meditation.
-Introduction to chakras
-Practical, hands on exercises even include a section to begin scrying, pendulum work, even working with cards
-Since it's not just concentrated on one aspect, the seeker is not discouraged if they are not strong in some areas, as they can discover where their strengths lie.

What's NOT in this book (That may be important to you):
This book will not teach you to be a professional, nor help you set up a business.

TL,DR? Too Long, Didn't Read?
* This is a small, encouraging book that's big on introducing you to opening up to psychic development.
* It makes a great addition to any divination or channeling work you are interested in working with
* 27 exercises along with the author's expert tips will soon help you open up to being receptive and connected with the universe and your place with it.

4.5 stars on Subject matter

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