Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tarot Answers In Interpretive Dance

By that I mean, the cards tell the answer as they know it, but you are on your own to decide what that means.

And like the oracles they are inspired from, they are probably mocking you occasionally.

Interpretive Dance- Is the figure in the Two of Pentacles performing the Dance of the Seven Veils, or the Hokey Pokey?

Deviant Moon

As well they should, when one asks things such as:

Want to know someone else's sexuality? Perhaps you should ask THEM.
What are they thinking? Pretty sure it's tacos.
Yes or No? Flip a coin. Or use a pendulum. Save your sanity.

Why is it* when someone posts a reading online, the answers go all over the board, especially for one of the all time great questions, "Are they cheating?"?? Shouldn't it be there is just one answer?
*Cue Andy Rooney Voice

They should have to  draw the Wheel of Fortune. "Good luck, bad luck, who's to say?" says the Wheel. Ha ha. Better off with a fortune cookie.
Did you correctly guess Fish Love? (LOL) +

And what currency does a Tarot reading carry? Can you sue for your thoughts? Do you win your penny back?

Funny how in all the fitness books out there the exercises never cover jumping to conclusions.

Granted, there are readers whom even specialize in cut and dried inquiry exhumation, gleaning Tarot bones with impressive pageantry. Often, these are the seasoned readers, and/or psychics, some working with spirits.

For the rest of us, it's best that we continue to ask about our part in the situation, and make an informed decision on how to proceed forward.
After all, we know ourselves best, why not start there? Soul searching is an inside job- Tarot can hold the light up for you, pull back the curtain, even give you comfort or a jump start when needed.

And take some cues. Asking the same question over again will probably get you cards like:
the 4 of swords (give it a rest)
or, the 10 swords (you're grinding ground flour)
The 3 of wands (you need to wait)
The Hanged Man (stuck in limbo)
at least that's what happens for me.

Tarot being a symbolic language, while you're learning, know you may end up interpreting the answer is to wind your suitcase while snorkeling- Of course! Why didn't it just say that in the first place?

+ For the record, the answer on Wheel of Fortune was 'Wish List'

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