Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tarot Blogletter For Early May

My homage to au courant Tarot goodness in the webs, and I'll try to introduce some folks that aren't in the top SEO picks.

In the News(letters)

Theresa Reed, aka 'The Tarot Lady' is a Multi-talented Mystic that consistently posts fresh, relatable, content on everything from learning tarot through going pro. With newsletters like 'The Hit List' and 'Mad Hookups', you'll feel in with the Tarot 'In' crowd.

Visit her site, and sign up Here

Weekly email I love to receive arrives from Christiana Gaudet's 'Tarot Topics' Newsletter. Each weekly has a well written theme for Tarot brain fuel, along with "The Week In Review" of links she's found to share on Tarot, a One Card reading, and Events where you can find her; she's a Florida girl, but travels often. Maybe you can see her! She's also the author of "Tarot Tour Guide" Sign up Here

Little Red Tarot's 'Bits & Bobs' Newsletter is " Friendly, weekly emails with tarot news, tips, inspiration and fun stuff I think you’ll like" per Beth Maiden herself.

Fantastic articles, guest posts, deck and book reviews with an emphasis on diversity and indy publications. Nothing stuffy about this blog- a must read, Sign up Here

Great Expectations (Check these events out!)

Janet Boyer will be interviewed by Tarot Insider on May 9

-She'll be talking about her yet to be released book 'Naked Tarot'
Join us as welcome our Special Guest: Tarot Master & Author Janet Boyer! ...Susanne, Ruth & Dax will be "catching up" with Janet, and discussing her *New Book, to be released later this year: "Naked Tarot"!
....Plus we will be bringing on our Listeners who have questions for Janet, and for Live, On-Air Mini-Readings!
You will be able to both hear AND see us! Join via your Phone, Pad or a Computer/Laptop! Just go to:
SHOW TIME: 11:30am Pacific (US) - 1:30pm Central - 2:30pm Eastern (US), 7:30pm London (UK)................."

Suzie Zurn of madamezeetarot has a course of 'Spellcasting with Tarot' coming up May 12-14.  SPACE LIMITED TO 5 PEOPLE.
Two get topics working together!
"In this interactive workshop we will:
Speak loud and clear to this Universe
Take back our power
Create our own destiny

Here's the skinny!
3 Live Zoom calls
Private FB group page
3 Tarot Spreads to choose from
List of ingredients to make a little satchel
Choice of 3 different Mantras for your specific purpose
The inside scoop on all my tips n tricks

Spellcast with Tarot is $97 and you're going to walk away with priceless information that you can use for a lifetime."

'Living The Archetypes' is a two week jouney beginning June 9-23
Get more Deets:
Living The Archetypes by Sarah Taylor
" It's a tarot course, but not a tarot training course.
It's not about learning tarot, but about *living* the tarot, and learning *you* in the process. It is EXPERIENTIAL, and no tarot knowledge is necessary.
It's a taster - we are not deep-diving but rather dipping beneath the surface (and that can be more than enough!) - just two weeks, running from June 9 - June 23.
It's online only - it will involve self-practice, and we'll meet and share experiences, and ask/answer questions, on a secret Facebook page.
I haven't detailed price in many places, but because you're connected with me here, in the medium where the course will be run, and where I tend to have most interaction with most of you, it feels right to share that it will be $78 for the course, which you can pay outright or in two instalments of $39. Participants will also have the option to add a reading with me to consolidate and further their studies, for a total of $158, or two instalments of $79.
Registrations start on May 11, and run for two weeks, until May 25 - so there's a limited time to sign up. (This allows me to offer two instalments.)"

Lisa Boswell teaches a Course on those difficult Face Cards: 'The Court Card Masterclass'   "Stop praying that Court cards won't  show up!"  

Up For Review

I've been reading "Bringing The Tarot To Life" by Scott Martin- Just released this week!  Brings so much fun working with Tarot!

And working on my Psychic awareness with "Llewellyn's Little Book of Psychic Awareness" by Melanie Barnum (release-June 8, 2017)

Creativity and psychism make a lovely pairing, look for my book reviews very soon!

Let's not be  Blog-livious: small blogs, big content

Have you read these recent blog posts?

Death, Judgement, and Change in Tarot Jack of Wands' most recent post has impressive insight- Actually, the whole blog is pretty brilliant.

My Wandering Fool is an underrated, informative Tarot page. Check out A Tarot Spread To Consult With The Empress and Emperor

Firerose Tarot's newest post Why Free Readings Are NOT For The Spiritual Good will give you insight from a learned reader's perspective

J Ryan of Queer Street Tarot tackles the 9 of wands in his Hard Cards Series

Siobhan Rene from  has formed the first collaborative Tarot Scopes! 12 Readers for the 12 Signs! April 21-May 20

Weekly read more your style? My friend Dauna from Readings By Duana has you covered: Weekly Tarot For May 7-13

I'm digging this post by Completely Joyous:  Tarot Funk- 6 Ways To Get Your Groove Back

Christiana Gaudet's last newsletter included this post, The Key To Keywords  and even includes a PDF guide to download! See also this post An Evening With The Six Of Swords

Check out very newish blog Six Swords  and the post My Personal Court  One to Watch!

Up On Deck:

Stop everything: There is now a Game of Thrones Tarot
Tarot life just got a lot cuter:  Kawaii Tarot

Until next time, Tarot On!~


  1. Hey Sg! That reading list will certainly keep me busy for a while!Thank you kindly for mention x

    1. You are most welcome, I enjoy reading your new-ish blog; keep up the nice work! Bless~

  2. Thank you for all those awesome links! I love Beth Maiden's newsletter (and blog). I hadn't heard of My Wandering Fool before, great recommendation :)

    1. I'm so glad you were able to find something that interests you. Thank you for reading and taking time to comment.

  3. A Game of Thrones deck sounds TERRIFYING. lol!

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    2. As an avid fan, it seems really interesting :-)

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.
      I'm a groupie of your posts on Little Red Tarot. Bless!~

  4. Thanks heaps for mentioning my upcoming appearance on the new TAROT INSIDER show, Sg! XO

    1. I look forward to hearing the show. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment

  5. I love this idea - it is really a great way to compile everything around the web that is happening in the tarot world!

    1. Not quite savvy enough to write a newsletter, so this will have to do. Appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. I like your blog as well!