Friday, May 26, 2017

Tarot Fives- Variations On The Theme of Loneliness

Last night I dreamed about Tarot. 
Now, I did go to bed thinking about it, but what came to me reminded me that there is always more to learning.
Tarot is a book you can read and highlight all you want, and still find something new when referencing.

In an online group, the discussion was loneliness in the cards. All of the 5's were mentioned here and there except for the 5 of swords. 
Why not that one? Without thought I typed  "One person is excluded in that group.They've all walked away in the RWS." 
 What? That card is always a 'bully' card, the hardest thing about that is that it gets lonely at the top; so why was I suddenly on the other side and saying that?

It really got me thinking, dreaming, then awake and inspired.

Swords. Words within. The term words is actually part of swords. Words can hurt.
What if, the swords are words in this depiction?  Ever walked into a room and the conversation stops? Imagine all the swords as words; they've just dropped to the ground. What if the figure is trying to piece out and recapture errant words and syllables? Was the conversation about them? And what about the expression on the face? Is is necessarily a sneer? Could it be nervous laughter?

Lo Scarbeo Tarot


What of ALL the fives? What's in the suits that's from within us?

The five of cups. Five emotions?
I'm not sure we are limited to five, but I am definitely willing to say it would canvas the biggest ones. Anger, Elation, Sadness, Fear, Contentment.
What about Tears?
Spiral Tarot

 Even if they are two tears for the proverbial "bucket" (or one for each cup in the RWS version Can you see it now?) There's something about both tears and anger that can make it awkward for people to be around us.
Fear can limit us.
Sarcasm has a flow that we can ride away from the ignorance or imposition from others. Inner peace is often derived from time alone. It was Lauren Bacall that said " I said I want to be left alone, not be alone" Can you feel the 5 of cups in that statement?

For the five of wands, I see the energy that can also come from within- the "need" to accomplish a project, while many others get in the way. En route to file a paper, the phone rings with another task, "After I file this" you say. Then you discover the file is incorrectly labeled. Fix the label. Then, then, then, all add up, and have you announcing a task that still isn't accomplished, leaving you exasperated. And with "no help". Your mind can leave you unfulfilled, even in a crowd.

The five of pentacles in most imagery shows two people out in the cold, truly "cut off" from society. What is inside of us that changes with this five? Pride, maybe. in the RWS, they are passing a church, that has light coming from within. Pride would make you blind to accepting help. It can be isolating to be right all the time.
I don't know about you, but doesn't the lady in the Housewives Tarot look like she protests too much, and that those plates had to go? Just losing one wouldn't lead to buying a whole new set, but all five? We're gonna need some new ones. And mugs to match. Maybe some new towels. Seems like there are just some things we can't admit to ourselves, like when we need some one to pay attention to us. A small cry for validation. Drudgery is a lonely life too.

Change can be difficult. Or, it can just be different.  The fives tend to add a new element to the four, disrupting it's "stability".  One used to buy ice or keep an ice house to keep food cool. Imagine the "change" of the refrigerator! And of not liking someone you've only heard about, to have them become your friend once you got to know them. What of the peace that comes from accepting your past and letting it go! 
And when the haters hate, pick yourself up and smile, and if you can, let what you heard drop of your shoulders. Maybe that's what the five of swords is about to do. 
Maintain the 'original' definitions, but make room for the new as well-you just may wake from sleep with them.


  1. This is a thoughtful take on the Fives. Digging what you have to say about the Five of Swords!

    1. Thank you- coming from the OG of Tarot, this means so much! Appreciate you taking the time to read and comment!

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    1. Thank you for reading and taking a moment to comment! It means so much!