Thursday, May 4, 2017

Tarotneous Bunk - Tarot Myth Drivel- Meme Edition

1. One must keep Tarot cards wrapped in silk

If you feel called to, do this, but mandatory it is NOT
Be careful following the masses. Sometimes the M is silent.

2.You must be given (or steal) your first deck

Or what? I'd even like a story of what happened to someone who didn't. In the meantime, most I know bought their own first deck and are living happily. (Including me)

3. You cannot read for yourself

Yes you can. Repeat after me. "YES, I CAN"  There are even books about doing so. *

 4 Tarot was invented by Egyptians

There are decks older than the Thoth deck. And plenty of history making Tarot's origins ambiguous. I run from anyone touting this as fact.

5. Never let anyone touch your cards

What you expect, you project into happening. 


6. One can't read while pregnant for someone pregnant

Plenty of my peeps have 'busted' this myth- 
The next meme should be 'reading exercise', it's about the same

7. Death always means death.

 Sorry, this one is totally a movie invention- part of why Tarot is so 'spooky'


8. Tarot is the instrument of evil

 I believe this record is proof otherwise

Seriously, this is about as evil as paper and ink get:

9.  male  = king          female  =queen

It's 2017- if ANY of these rules goes, please let it be this one!
The court cards incorporate aspects of the personality, events, timing, too much to take at 'face' value. There are great books on this topic as well.**

There are other myths surrounding Tarot I am sure, but these are the most common.
At times when few books on the subject existed, it was easy to take one person's opinion as fact.

*Try reading these books by great authors for 'tried and true' modern Tarot help on reading just for you
Tarot For One  Courtney Weber
Tarot For Yourself  by Mary K Greer

** Court cards are tricky! Help to the rescue
Tarot Court Cards For Beginners by Leeza Robertson- Brand New!
Understanding The Tarot Court  by Mary K Greer
The Tarot Court Cards by Kate Warwick-Smith

I've read all of these books and know they are worthy except Leeza Robertson's book, which is released this week. It's now on my list.

Until next time, Tarot on!~


  1. Love it...! Great myth-busting, great memes! We just have to keep chipping away at the superstitions. I think you can file this one under 'saved a portion of humanity from themselves' today. :)

    1. Coming from you and all of your expertise, that means so much! Thank you for reading!

  2. Any post that features the Princess bride will get my attention, but loved the whole article too. x

    1. Love 'The Princess Bride'! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I love your blog!

  3. Hahaha, thank you. Just stumbled on this and it's brilliant! :D

    1. Thank you for your kind words and for reading my blog. Bless!~

  4. Your #9 is my favorite. I'm reading a book that's making court cards mostly men (Page, Knight, King), and I keep internally groaning and rolling my eyes while skipping over to the good parts of the book.

    1. With thanks to indy deck publishers, we are finally starting to see diversity with Face Cards as well. I really like Student / Traveler / Visionary / Architect as the Face cards- it defines by who they are, and skill set, not the antiquated court system.