Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Friends, Freebies, and Frazzled

I love this drawing by Sandra Boynton- I never thought about what frazzled looked like

A topic that never really falls away, whether talking with other Tarot readers, or in online groups, is when one moves from novice to reader, that your boundaries haven't grown with you.
Boundaries and ethics. They really are part of the Tarot reader repertoire. It is the format for how you allow others to treat you.
Let me say it again in a more bold fashion.

People treat you the way you train them.
Universal Goddess Tarot©

The Seven of Wands is about standing your ground. And It's not a one time event. Even though you posted on your page "No Free Readings", but dollars to donuts you're still going to inboxed for them.

Here's a common scenario:
Your close friends know you read the cards. Most likely you practiced on them for "free" while you were working on reading for others. Since then, you've upped your skills to charge for skills, time, and continued education (as well as new cards!). And everyone knows, they supported you and gave you kudos and wished you much success. And on social media you proclaim, "I take my cards with me everywhere!"
"Then you can just pull a card for me" your friends will start to ask. Or even strangers, word gets out quick about these things.
Doesn't matter that you are at dinner. And if you can read free for one, what about the six people watching?   
Word of advice; once in a row, it's your job. Meaning, the reward for great work is more work in other's eyes. You will be the assigned reader of every get together. 

Or how about this: you meet someone, and become fast friends- they know (or quickly find out) about your gift, and you give gifts to your friends, don't you? (wink,wink)
Then, you start identifying with our cartoon: Frazzled. By freebies no less, from friends.

Let's digress and talk about what happens AFTER you read for your friend. Are they your client, or your friend?
From my own experience, I have had connections on social media, very chatty and supportive, and I bought a reading from a lovely, well respected reader.
The reading was great. And then there was nothing. 
No more social media interaction. For the record, I didn't ask something that should have skewed their vision of me, just an inquiry.
If I had known it would ruin a friendship, I would not do it again.

On BettyJane Ware's blog she posted a page on her Ethics, and I love her view, "If I have sat down to dinner with you I will not read you"

It's not going to stop unless you correct it. 
Or better yet, if there is time, head if off at the pass.
Very cool Tarot reader and blogger Tiffany J has this ideal solution; "You have the chance to make new clients!"  
When everyone starts lining up or milling around, hand out those business cards! Maybe, if you wish, do a one card 'teaser' read for them.
Or, you can just conveniently leave those Tarot cards at home in your "off time".

Oh, it happens online too, make no mistake.  My go to Tarot Guru Theresa "The Tarot Lady" Reed publishes great content for new, established, and entrepreneurial readers.
Here's one of my favorite writings on dealing with Inbox Vampires   

I do hope this inspires you to think about part of reading that isn't directly card related. 
Even if you aren't setting up shop, it wouldn't hurt to make sure you are the Tarot reader you choose to be, that is in demand, not the one on demand.

Until next time, Tarot on!~


  1. Spot on! Will have to read Theresa's article now too :)

    1. Thank you for reading! (And,I recommend a look at all of The Tarot Lady's articles- she's fantastic :)