Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June Blogletter

My homage to au courant Tarot goodness in the webs, and I'll try to introduce some folks that aren't in the top SEO picks

In the News(letters)
Janet Boyer's Latest Newsletter is out! Read it Here (and subscribe!)

The Tarot Lady's Hitlist has more than just Tarot goodness to read
Great Expectations (Check these events out!)
International Tarot day is July 8! (7/8) What will you do to celebrate? Get ready for Blog Hops, Art, and more!

Up For Review
I have Michelle Tea's "Modern Tarot" en route; can't hardly wait!

Seems like reversals are coming back into vogue. You might need Tarot In Reverse from Janet Boyer

Let's not be Blog-livious: small blogs, big content
There has been so much great content in the webs as of late!

Queen of Wands Tarot argues Death Is Death-an excellent read

Maddy Elruna shares an amazing Shaman & Tarot experience with Will You Be My Dead Grandma?

I've found Falcon Oak Tarot's Blog, and now I am HOOKED! Check out these amazing reads, and let's wait for more!
Tarot Tips For Begimners 
Reading Techniques- Using Additional Cards 

Tarot Prose has wonderful insight about Tarot Blogging- What I Wish I Knew

The Sibyl's Tarot talks about The Soulmate, The One, and The Meant To Be

Tarot For Change has started a new series here is How To Read Suits In Tarot- Wands 

Owl In The Oak Tarot has another suit of Wands take here with Stoking The Fire Within (for self care and growth) 

New Blogger Alert! Please welcome and support Ajay and his blog Tarot Insights By Ajay Very impressive indeed! 

The Tarot Tree has advice for How To Get The Most Out Of A Tarot Reading

There's something to be said for deck comparison. Read Beth Maiden's article Fool's Journey: Same Card, Different Decks

Is it okay to keep asking Tarot on the same question? Read This from Cosmic Faery's Tarot for one Pro's opinion

Tarot Author Leeza Robertson (Tarot Court Cards For Beginners) offers this neat spread for Llewellyn 

Jessi Huntenburg shares what she's learned in One Year As A Tarot Reader (Yay, Here's to many more!)

Happy Solstice! Lisa Eddy of Angelorum offers The Faery Crown Litha Tarot Spread for the occasion!
Up On Deck:
Has anyone noticed The Kawaii Tarot is being re-released with illustrated pips?

J Ryan Kent of Queer Street Tarot has been so inspired by his Tarot Deck, he will be  expanding the kickstarter to THREE decks!

Until next time, Tarot on!~


  1. Thanks heaps for mentioning my Newsletter and Tarot in Reverse, SG! XO

  2. I am so happy to share your wonderful and inspired work!

  3. Thank you so much for shouting me out on your blog. You have no idea how much that means to me. :D

    1. I enjoy your posts very much- so from the heart, I learn from great writers like you :)

  4. Thank you so much for the mention and links to two of my blog posts. I deeply appreciate the support!

    1. Your writings are wonderful! Looking forward to seeing more posts from you!