Thursday, July 13, 2017

July Blogletter

My homage to au courant Tarot goodness in the webs, and I'll try to introduce some folks that aren't in the top SEO picks

In the News(letters) Goodness, with Summertime, folks are traveling! See how the  The Tarot Lady Theresa Reed packs accordingly for Tarot action
The Tarot School has started back with Newsletters after a hiatus. Here is the one for July.

Great Expectations (Check these events out!)
Tarot Summer School is in Session! 15 classes, buy one or a season pass! Includes great presenters such as Christiana Gaudet, Jessi Huntenburg, Vix, Carrie Mallon and Benebell Wen!

Up For Review:
I have fallen behind in my reviews- they are coming, I promise.
Hints: Michelle Tea's 'Modern Tarot' - Get it.
'Tarot Court Cards For Beginners'  A nice book to learn the court cards  with.
From the way back files: Nancy Shavick's "The Tarot Reader" is long OOP. If you can find a copy, it's a wonderful read.

Let's not be Blog-livious: small blogs, big content
I have been blown away this past month with blog greatness! Get ready for some marathon reading!

-One of the most incredible things this month was the first ever International Tarot Day, July 8, 2017 (7-8!) You must check out the inspired ITD-Blog Hop 60+ Tarot Bloggers given card(s) to represent any way they chose! 
Begin with event's coordintator Bree Ferguson of Nym's Divination for The Magician! Each page has your option to scroll thru the next in the series...Oh yeah, maybe you might know the poster for the Knight of Wands :-)

78 posts not enough for you? Wait, there's more!
-Maddy Elruna has two posts I want to feature: Learning By My Mistakes  and Five Reasons NOT To Go Pro

Time for some hard hitting posts: Guaranteed Tarot Blogging Meat
- Christiana Gaudet's When Compassion Makes You Crazy is not an easy read, but if you go or are pro, it's a necessary one.

-Ivan Ambrose of Tarot Prose tackles an all too real subject in the must read Tarot Tough Topics: Racism 
And, he offers how we, as a community, need to start doing better. But really, this goes so far beyond Tarot. Just share it everywhere.

Who decides the rights of prisoners? The Sibyl's Tarot talks about Paul Haigh, A Serial Killer Who Wants Tarot Cards In Jail 
What do you think?

- Now to feature a workshop aimed to help with being overwhelmed Tarot For Troubled Times is a two part workshop from Theresa Reed and Shaheen Miro, which includes "exploring and healing the shadow side, both personally and in the collective conscious." to help us thru our daily dose of the news, intemperance of  global continuity, financial woes, and fears about the future. Per Theresa "Now, more than ever, the world needs us to be brave, united, and ready to take action."

In other blogs.....
-Maelstrom Tarot keeps posting great content, this time, The Elemental Roulette 

- Asali Earthwork posts about Ideas For Your 'Tune Out/Turn Down' Sort Of Days

-Thistle Tarot offers An Actor's Character Reading

-Tarot and Tomfoolery (I love this name!) knows "You Can't Handle The Truth!"

-I love new techniques. Mirrors of Consciousness takes another view of Yes or No Questions 

-Need help with choices? Healing Effects Tarot gives you Tough Choices Got You Stuck? Tarot To The Rescue!

-Owl In The Oak Tarot continues her self care in the minor arcana series with the swords Light As A Feather 

-Cosmic Faery's Journal spends some time on Mindful Moment- The Magic Of Doing Nothing 

-Fate Keeps On Happening is Readings By Stella's Only Post On Ethics- maybe you feel the same

-One of the best compliments for Jenna Matlin of Queen of Wands Blog is "But I Already Knew That!" Find out why 

Specialty Tarotists
I am in several online Tarot Forums, reading groups, most things Tarot. Consistently, most readers refuse to offer readings for two topics (there are more, but for these two I have help)
When someone says something is their favorite to read on, I pay attention! And then give a little inquiry.

Timing: When is it going to happen? Let's face it, time can be difficult to determine; most often we are left to generalize. Lisa Allen of Intuitive Timing to the scene- Timing is her specialty. Now, she uses methodology of the Pendulum, Tarot, and/or Astrology in a session, but states that Intuitive Timing (especially with pendulum) can be as precise as the hour! I have not tried any of her services*, but I have chatted with her, and think it's always good to offer a referral for the problems you can't handle. * Actually, it was Lisa's help that was correct on the timing of April the Giraffe's Baby

Pregnancy: Most readers will not work with this topic, and certainly it can be an emotional one. Spiritual Conception is the services of one Psychic MBE, not a doctor, whose aim is "Supporting Women Through Conception,Pregnancy, and Birth©"  Free Consultation is offered.  Insight is offered for help conceiving, carrying and after care, with many packages available, and testimonial pictures of new family members helped by their work! This is not a service I can any longer utilize, but I do recommend at least giving the page a look over, and seeing if you many wish to hold onto it for a future referral.

Up On Deck:
The Queer Street Community Deck 
has reached $500 in funding! Have you heard of it? 
A set of three tarot decks that can be interchanged to create your own unique deck. Deck is based around human sexuality. How cool is this? Get in on it.

The Dust ll Onyx : A Melanated Deck  from Courtney Alexander, is one step closer to being in our hands. She's working on the guidebook. Then pre-orders will continue. Waiting for this epic!

A Kickstarter for a deck of Queer People of Color is the Numinous Tarot  Looking fantastic, and needs your help to finish!

If you want diverse decks, you must support the creators and continue to ask for them!

 Until next time, Tarot on!~


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