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Tarot Blog Hop for Int'l Tarot Day- Knight of Wands

Rosetta Tarot

 The Knight of Wands as traditionally seen

Now this is more of what I think of the Knight's energy

Rowan Tarot

Kitty! The feeling you got right when you saw this image encapsulates the essence of the Knight of Wands. It's as warm as the ginger color of the feline in the card depicted-most eyes light up when they see this image. That's the power of the Knight of Wands- magnetic, and yet, like the feline type, can seem aloof to our cajoling and somewhat fickle at times. But oh, how they capture our attentions!

The patriarchy of court cards has traditionally depicted this card as a young man, which has evolved in more modern renderings as a man who is not ready to settle down or as the message of a short term romance- a "fling"
It is a consistent effort that I chose this card, a reminder that 'knights' or my favorite renaming "travelers', nor any of the court cards, necessarily represent any gender.
The card drawing is of a cat, more important than representing a gender.

To celebrate the First International Tarot Day, my offering:

Partnering with a chef is its own reward, and the idea for a recipe that embodied the 'heat' of wands, and the portability of traveling, not to mention a nod to more base passions representing heat, that match perfectly with feline appetite.
The conclusion was Deep Fried Oyster Po Boy w/ (could be spicy) Remoulade Sauce, It's mild, but minor changes to taste can go all the way Cajun!
 And yes, I have judges of the feline variety as well as two Sagittarians on hand, one of the signs typified by the wands suit, who fully endorse this recipe.

Sandwich Ingredients Yield: 4 Po-Boys

12-18 Oysters
Four Hoagie Rolls

Remoulade Sauce

3 T. Mayonnaise
1 T. Ketchup
1 ½ T. Capers Minced
1 T. Cilantro Minced
1 t. Roasted Garlic Minced
1 Pinch of Cayenne Pepper or Tabasco (to taste)

Egg wash

One Egg well-beaten


½ - ¾ c Flour
¾ T. Old Bay Seasoning
A pinch of black pepper

Fry In

2 c. Vegetable or Canola Oil


For Remoulade Sauce, combine all ingredients well and chill. Drain Oysters well. Dip in egg wash, begin heating oil to 375 degrees Fahrenheit, dredge in flour mixture. Fry until golden brown, approximately 2-3 minutes each side. Remove from oil and place on paper towel to drain excess oil. Place 6 or more oysters into each hoagie. Drizzle with ½ fresh squeezed lemon. Top with Remoulade Sauce and you're ready for culinary adventure!

Hint: this would go great with Sweet Potato Fries!

Pic from Google Images

"Magickal Love Drawing recipe-Triple Strength Love Powder"

Need help to bring that Knight of Wands (or anyone else) to you?
This short recipe packs a wallop! Ironically to my post, this has
Nepeta Cataria, as an ingredient- most felines don't care if you and I call it catnip-

For extra oomph, replace the rice powder with Love Rice, just grind it in a spice grinder.

2 Tbl Powdered Rice (love rice even better)
¼ tsp Queen Elizabeth Root (Orris Root) - premier love root for women's use!
½ tsp Drawing Powder (powdered sugar) 
pinch of catnip (brings 'em all to the yard!) 

Combine all, grind (mortar and pestle) fine together with your intentions.
-Use as a candle dust, sachet powder, addition to packet or spell bag.

Thank you for reading my Blog Hop entry for the First Ever International Tarot Day! (July 8th)

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The idea for a non-sponsored International Tarot Day Blog Hop was due to the tireless efforts of Bree of Nym's Divination  
 Be sure to visit all the cards in the Blog Hop, each with it's own unique look at the cards. And special thanks to Freya of Falcon Cloak Tarot who gathered all the sources (in a deck order!) for our Master List- Thank you, Ladies :-)


  1. OMG This post is everything. You are fabulous. Also I am saving that recipe for later! I will let you know how it goes. :D

  2. my goodness! How charming. =) this was just lovely, thank you. LOVE the recipe (how perfect is that for the knight???) Going to make this powder for sure! <3 most excellent inclusion in the blog hop, thanks!

  3. Hey SG! Love this post! Thanks for giving cats their due...and the recipes!

  4. SG, I love your post and connecting the Knight of Wands to this beautiful ginger feline. I can't wait to try this Po Boy recipe (so clever)! Thank you.
    ...& glad I could help ;)