Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Day The Tarot Forum Died

The AT Forum (

You never forget when certain events happened. 
And some of them earn monikers, for instance the song "American Pie" by  Don McLean contains the haunting lyric "The day the Music died" He wasn't writing of a music embargo, it was attributed as  his commentary on the 1959 plane crash that claimed music greats Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper. For him, it meant it would never be the same.

I joined AT forums in 2011, after lingering and learning for a while. At the time, it was the largest community on the web, and I didn't get near Facebook until not too long ago!

For me, it was the ONLY source for peer to peer Tarot help; and you received HELP, unlike the books I hoard. Is there anything more frustrating than needing a sounding board and having 18 possible answers in books, and those books can't change their wording to prove a point?

No wonder so many people are afraid to read for themselves! Until they find live help that is. 

I have referred many a person to Aeclectic of over the years, they were the Tarot Spotter if Tarot was a weight that you bench pressed.
Even so, many a one of us have been talked down off the ledge of Tarot frazzled (or were able to re-pay that favor when we could!)
I think every topic ever has been discussed in those subgroups.
Since this morning when it was announced, and I was online FIVE MINUTES after the announcement went live, they have announced the public posts will be left up, but will no longer be maintained. HERE
is the full announcement of how the site is being dismantled- it's in phases, starting the 4th, ending the 14th. This 4th week being Holiday celebrations in the USA, a great deal of us (okay, ME) are saving individual posts of interest before my profile is gone.  

I hope this is the only dour and gloomy post i ever have to make on this blog.

Just like the 10 of swords though, there is a sunrise dawning for online Tarot reaching outs I can recommend. You didn't think I could make it through a blog post without referencing a Tarot card do you??? ;-)


My recommendations currently reside on some great Facebook groups, where I have met many AT'ers who have already and are promising to help keep the Tarot torches lit.
May I heartily recommend Tarot Nerds, a group of 11,000+ and counting
or for a smaller group, the 3 of Cups Tarot Community has only a few thousand friendly folks.I also follow Tarotholics Anonymous, Tarot Professionals, and Tarot 101:Tarot Studies, a group that keeps those skills sharp.
For Tarotists who blog and vlog, check out the FB group, Tarot Bloggers and Vloggers.

I'll be looking for you!


  1. Its a sad day but I have faith we will all make it work. Like you mentioned, there are still some resources for us Tarot nerds but nothing can ever replace the extensive resource that is the TarotForum.

  2. I think it's up to Tarot's supporters to make the next "great thing". That's the best we can hope for.

  3. I didn't realize they discontinued their forums. Such indeed is the world of the internet. I learned tarot before the internet was as huge as it is now, and I was indeed lucky to find such like-minded individuals. That isn't possible for everyone. I am thankful for the internet for a great many things but it is a changeable landscape indeed (Hugs)!

    1. They just announced it today :( I learned pre-internet as well, life intervened, and I picked it back up in 2002, and found AT a bit later

  4. Hey thanks for the FB group recommendations! I really appreciate that!

    1. I'm so glad you found something to take away with this. Welcome! These groups have many AT fans, with more to come over!