Monday, July 24, 2017

The Three of Swords As Seen In Social Media

Even pre internet- this poor cake all but being left out in the rain!*

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* Song reference  MacArthur Park

The Three of Swords is one of those cards  that gets Major Arcana attention for a pip card. Even with the Ten of Swords being the absolute end, the three seems to register higher on the Richter Scale of emotions. Why? For the purpose of this blog piece, group mentality.

Everyone is celebrating in the three of cups- there are friends, there is dancing, all is well. Except for when it feels like it isn't- the threesome turns inverse, into the three of swords.
Then traditional "heartbreak, sorrow" meanings of the card fall. For me it's worth noting that in most illustrated pips of the card, the heart is the emotional one, not the anatomical one. 

The swords cut into the emotions- more accurately, the ego. For the root of disappointment lies in having expectation.

Before the internet, there was school,work, group functions, parties of all kinds where group mind  got it's gossip or side taking on. Now, there is the internet. Correction- now there is social media. 

Social media is the brunt and the blessing. One can make new friends from all over the world, and even find groups for topics that may not have local interest. The Tarot community is a blessing for those of us with no family or friend support for our interest.
And just as social media giveth, it taketh away. Not all Tarot readers read the same. Most can agree to disagree, and keep their 'followers' or 'friends'.

'Friend' on social media can be a misnomer. Just as credit cards are not real money being spent in some people's minds, friends on social media may not have real value for some folks; if that meets one who places intrinsic value on all relationships, the three of swords moments are all but inevitable.

The worst is the perceived slight. Often equal in heartbreak to the public one. They can occur in tandem.
Like our Meme, someone posts their opinion, in a group, blog piece, no matter, a medium that is read in the voice of the reader, which may not be the inflection of the writer. Or maybe it is. For Tarot purposes, let's say someone says Tarot is for fortune telling- now there is a hotbed topic. Someone else interjects that it is tool for self exploration. There is a blog piece written, in which the Pro Fortune Telling person tells of being chastised by others who think it is only for self introspection. Is it a direct stab from that one interaction? Maybe. And probably is to a person who said that in social media the poster at some point. But what if the person was already writing the piece, and it just happened to drop within a short amount of time where the offended party found it? 

Goodness, that third sword, I dub thee public opinion!

When words are taken as a thinly veiled jab, sides get chosen. Those who are in the middle have the daunting task of not choosing a side, though some will go ahead and choose for you. I have seen people unfriend each other over these real or imagined betrayals. It can easily become a  scenario when it's directed as a gang threat against one;  That's a shame, since without a difference of opinion, without some diversity, there can be no personal growth. 

I'm not advocating allowing jerks in your social circle, rather asking if a "some people" post is actually directed at you- as in your name attached. Or in your comments.
It's not always about us. The three's all lead back to the Empress, and she is not perfect- she can in fact be a bit of a diva if in excess. Three is creation, and not all of them are wonderful for everyone.

An idea is initiated; it sprouts; it bears fruition- the premise of creation.

The Ace of swords is the word, the idea, the blog post, the comment (Id)
The Two of swords is when you are trying not to take sides (SuperEgo)
The Three of Swords is when you make a decision, better or worse, and then having to live with it. No critic so harsh as our own conscience. (Ego)

All that psycho-pomp jargon in parenthesis above is my interpretation of the psychology, yours may differ- if you'd to post yours on social media, people can bring a cake knife and have a slice of each:)

+For the record, this post is from May; I ended up posting the one on Fives instead


  1. This is much more than just Tarot it is Social Media. Sharing.

    1. Thank you for reading, your kind words, and taking time to share!