Thursday, August 24, 2017

Behind You In The Light, A Shadow- The Sun

©Tarot of the Witches

This card's seeming cheesy grin, just screams "Look at me!"

The Sun, both as planet and Tarot card, is usually a good thing. A great thing. I am always happy to greet The Sun. For those that read cards with reversals, we are still told The Sun's meaning really can't be dimmed much. And what did Mae West say about too much of a good thing? "That it can be wonderful."

Let's look at the internet- overall, I am going to say it's been a good thing for people.
Tarot? Well, great thing (obviously) 
Getting people together on the internet to talk about Tarot = a good great thing? Or a great thing when it's good?

Tarotama (Noun: Tear-ah-ma) Drama in Online Tarot Groups, typified by one's seeking the center of attention by making everything personal.

(This post was started in Leo season, where it was more apropos, but was sidelined with unavoidable issues offline)

How is it that small communities who are misunderstood and maligned already, asking for acceptance, be so unbelievably derisive and judgemental?
Even more so, when it is brought to light, why must we endure four feature length acts of the production? 

If you feel that comment is about you, then it probably is.

That's how you want it anyway.

Here's how it tends to go:
If I do not to like Tarot decks with Gothic tones, and in a thread of comments on decks we don't like I say such. My thoughts are that they are art, like comic books. Then someone who has a Gothic deck cries they were called childish by some uninformed vicious online troll. Never mind I love comic books, and think they are not to be played with. 
No, pretty sure just like their Tarot mind, there was only one interpretation of that statement.

There is also the fact that if you ask a question in a group, and it is not answered immediately, the place you posted it in, is stupid. Nothing to do with algorithms of posts being seen, world time zones, or anything of the sort. Harsh is the world for those that have a question a search engine can handle, but only waits for someone to do it for them. 
And of course, please make sure to leave the group in the fashion of announcing that you are going, that'll show us.

Let's apply some real light and heat, for sanitation.
Watch a spread interpretation in groups online.
"Is this what is happening?" The poster inquires, and one answer is now at least three different ones. 
"Yes until No."
"No until Yes."

All of us reading the same card for the one question.

"And they are cheating on you"
-Group Mod interrupts- "Our policies don't allow for talk of possible cheating"
"What? My question was about going to Ohio to adopt a purebred dog"
"You'll go because of cheating, I'm psychic and clairvoyant" (also rude) 
Is there anything like credentials to make us "more right" in our opinions? Not facts, opinions. Gravity is provable. Until the future happens, it is not.
-Group Mod -" You've been warned, and are free to go"
"How have I been singled out and picked upon?"

Now that scenario above is the stickiest of wickets. I see more online Tarotama over the regulation of ethics and morals in the Tarot groups.
Should there be regulations for the whole community? Who gets to decide what is entailed in that? There are those who will say some quandaries aren't even okay privately let alone professionally. Others purport certain ethics only for readers who don't read predicatively.

Some Tarotists (I would read this as terrortists in this context) feel their jurisdiction covers the entire Tarot world, even other people's blogs. Funny, those who are so worried about rights being infringed upon never seem to mind crossing those lines when it suits them.
Case in point I have not been too much more disappointed in the community recently then in how Benebell Wen was treated over her three part series on ethics.
(edited as not to drag that nonsense back up, but you know who you are if you were attacking her) 

It is true that the Sun's light is what allows us to see shade (for those who are not slang savvy, this is a double entendre- (Merriam-Webster defines "shade" as "subtle, sneering expression of contempt for or disgust with someone—sometimes verbal, and sometimes not") 
To me there is a certain irony in that many attacks come under the guise of the phrase "With Love and Light", a phrase originally meant a blessing, for higher good. Often it is just a way of steamrolling dogma over someone. More light, as if going back in the sun after I am already burned to blister, is what's needed. That empathy is magnanimous.

Many groups have guidelines about their stance on ethic policies as meets their standards. That should stop the Tarotama, right? You must be new here.
No, now there must be drama as to how the topic of ethics is unethical, as it seeks to work around itself. And oh to watch the debates. You'll need a bigger container for the popcorn, it's polite to bring enough for everyone.
And that may escalate to announcing how awful the group is, and that one is leaving. It's circular, as is the Sun.

Are you exhausted from that? You've probably been overexposed. You should hydrate, cool off and find some kitten videos, whom the internet is REALLY all about anyway. 
Ben Torode© 

++For the record, unless otherwise noted, examples in this piece are made up, and do not represent any real online discussion in particular- just being, well, dramatic.