Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Wish Has No Name -The Nine of Cups


Yes, I had to reference a current Fantasy televised series for the today's title, the title was just so fitting (read that part in likeness of William Carlos William's This is Just to Say)

 +This piece starts off with a bit of a personal note, but only as what lead me to write this post. Trauma briefly mentioned from ** to **

I have relayed part of my finding Tarot tale in groups before, but never here. Here is as they say, the "All Of It"

When I was 16, I found and bought a Tarot deck, having no clue what it was or why I wanted it, just that I had to have it. My mother found them within a day, and they were quickly evacuated back to the depths she feared they came presumably.
I left home ten days after graduating High School, moving three states away, so that I would not be subject to living under totalitarian rules. My first thought was not to run out and buy another deck, don't get ahead of the tale.

**I didn't think of Tarot again until "something happened". See, the bad part of suddenly leaving all you have ever known and forging ahead with no support system, is that you have no reinforcements should something upsetting and unforeseen transpire.

Why did I choose to go to a Psychic that day? First, I was so young, and maybe I really did want someone to read my mind. She didn't ask me my question, so I never had to say it out loud. Both a blessing and a curse.
As a complete rookie, I had gone to her house door, not her office, which had already seemed to annoy her. She probably saw a naive nineteen year old, and presumed it was a "How do they feel about me?" type inquiry.
I remember little about her, or her office. I know she laid out at least 40+ of those "Tarot" cards.
She must have talked 30 minutes straight- I don't remember any of it,  as she spoke in terms I did not know (Emperor? In a tiny southern town in the US? What, was she channeling my past lives?) When she rested from speaking she asked if I had any questions. I did. 

The one I came in with.

In all fairness to her, she probably had answered it, I just wasn't able to hear the message in terms I understood.
Her reply (Finally! Sorry for dragging this out) was- "Here". She pointed. "The Wish card. It's Reversed." (It was the 9 of cups). Interestingly, the only card I really remember seeing now. 
And that was it. End of the reading.

I was lost to say the least. These cards were telling this woman things, but wishes really weren't part of the deal. Or was it? I wished to not be going through that. Reality is not wishing.**

Made my way to the mall and bought a pack of Tarot cards like hers, in bright yellow box, and Eden Gray's Book "The Complete Guide To Tarot". Those cards could talk, and I needed to do so very much. My cards have been a trusted confident ever since.

+Personal issues over+

Which is where I get to the more 'typical' post from me, which would be, do we want wishes, or do we want something real?

Not a new concept, though one that is easily overlooked as "obvious" therefore rarely looked into, is defining what you want and then  WRITING IT DOWN. Making it a GOAL, not a wish, Because wishes really are kind of formless; they waft around at our amusement. 

Incorporating a wish into reality requires a little more than just having one. This may be where the idea of "Beware of what you wish for, as the cost may be too great" comes from. The cost, which is not posted on the menu. And nothing about the service you will receive or if there are refunds given. Dreaming is free, and really I'm not one for hassles. A good challenge, yes, but so far all it's just sounding like there's more to this gig. Someone out there has just made a snarky mental comment, and I was ready for you. "What about when you think about something, and then it happens?" If that comment was you, you owe me. Paypal, gift cards, or T shirts as currency. Kidding aside, directed concentration is an effort- particularly one that forces you to stop dreaming- you must give it structure- bring it out of the "void."   

Nine is a third set of three, the number of creation. Here, we have created plenty of wishes and dreams in which to choose from. We don't even have to choose- how many of us are happy to go back to the eight of cups and stay on the search elsewhere? Be it in another town, dream or even person.
To me, the figure in the RWS 9 of cups sits, and smiles in what appears to be a comfortable cat bird seat fashion. "Which of these wishes to fill that space in me today, that I may be happy?" One is invited to ask themselves. Could they have had the proverbial genie who granted three wishes, and thought a complete set better? Maybe the figure is that genie, offering you all that you ever wished for, and you can have just one, "Choose wisely." (Really? Did I just place a movie reference in there? Write a blog and you could too)
Whether physically 'in the cups' or even "floating on cloud nine", there is this temptation trying to keep us from the ten, the place where the dream is made manifest.
For many people, there is no connection to external elements for us until we identify them. 
Annie Sullivan was someone to Helen Keller who was there to frustrate her, until she discovered there was a correlation to Annie's hand signals, and that of the world around her. We can see, and love all animals, but once we give them a name, do they not seem to mean a little more personal to us?

Would not the same hold true for your desires? Not just "Success", which looks different probably to every person that reads this, but "X specific scenario, in which X happens, with X result"
SciFi writer Octavia Butler (1947-2006) is a wonderful demonstration of defining one's ambition, and going forth to achieve it. (She's a multiple Hugo and Nebula award winner!)
Ever since someone posted this picture of her notebook, I have been in love with the rawness, the scribbled out part, the additions. She didn't get another page to write it on-she kept going forward-it was no longer a wish, she made a designation. Her pen as a wand, her will projecting a change, she transformed wish to magick. Read this talisman of success she set out with -and then fulfilled!

Olivia Butler's Notebook

Have you ever thought about a dream that you just want to preserve as is? I can't be the only one. One that doesn't age, even though you will. There is a part of me that longs for things I know I could make happen, and then, I stop. I do not take action to manifest it on this plane. Why? Probably many reasons. Could be that I would have to make uncomfortable changes. Which seems more like work, and wishes coming true are lovely and so effortless in my heart. 

Could be, that, once I have it, I will want more? 
Not that that is bad, what if this card's figure is showing off their Awards (name an achievement) collection? It was not just wishing that brought that about! 
Like attracts like. Dreams lead to more dreams. Actions lead to goals, and there is always another goal. The gold at the end of the rainbow, the Ten of cups, when you actually are fulfilled with happiness, not just working towards it. 

On that note, the Ten of cups in the RWS deck, is noted as a "stage" card, presented as if on stage in theater. That's what living the dream is; bringing it to reality, an outward showing of what was once of nothingness. it becomes tangible. 
And what of another possibility, what if you drop the goblet you have chosen? Well, the cups are in a line, what if it is process of elimination? Finding what you don't want, to get to what you do. What ifs are more dreams, they can stow under that table if need be.

In a reading, one visits the figure at this 'wishing card' table, often with the hope that a cups in the form of what is wanted will be handed to them. The card reader's job is to interpret the cards as they are now, perhaps even guiding the approach to ask for what we want from the figure who appears to be in charge of the display. Is there leeway to haggle?

Perhaps the figure in the card smiles because they know what you will have to go through. Maybe the arms are crossed in the RWS version out of impatience. "How long will you keep it all inside?", the tone may be implying. And what of you, will you just consider this time, or leave it on the table?